Shark Wrestling on the Flats!

August 20, 2015 by Mo Estevez

Trip Info


Joey and his friend Kelly from MD. jumped aboard this morning for some shark fishing under pretty skies. Kelly had never fished before so today would be her first time fishing. Having great tides for shark fishing we went straight for it and the sharks showed up quick! Minutes after setting up one was tailing on the flats and a few minutes later a 6-7 footer came right in, I dropped a bait in front of it and it circled around the bait but didn’t eat. What? Really? Eventually we got a few to eat and Kelly got 2 sharks this morning. I’m greedy so I really wanted more for her and Joey but the 5-6 footers would come in and then move away refusing to eat. On one occasion I sight cast a shark for her, it eats and she fights it for a minute or two only to have the shark spit the bait and never got hooked. Bizzare! After landing her first shark, Joey decides he wants to get up close and personal with the shark. Having fished with Joey a number of times in the past and trusting his skills (he’s a shark fisherman) I agreed and over the side he went. I have to admit, there were a few close calls!

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