Nice Day Out

December 07, 2014 by Antonio Lamarque

Trip Info


We went out at 7a.m for a half day of fishing with Mr Derek and family. Weather was sunny and fine to fight a big fish.

After 45 mins out we found the first school of bonito. We were able to catch 4 bonitos and as they were the perfect size for live bait, we used two of them and started trolling slower speed for marlins and sharks. We went trolling were 2 days before we lost 2 marlins on artificial lures, saying that today if they bite it will be completely different.

After 3 hours one of the bonitos was cut by a baby shark… When taking the bonito back we saw about 2 dorados following the bonito, so we just used pieces of bonitos as bait and we were able to catch one of them. A dorado of about 20 pounds.

Mr Derek had a nice fight. Then we went back trolling with artificial lures and it was already time to go back home.. We finished the day with 4 bonitos, no 3 and a half bonito and a nice and beautiful dorado.

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