Windy day on the Indian River

December 03, 2015 by Eric Myers

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The Catch
Spotted Seatrout

Had a great time with Carl from Massachusetts on Thursday’s full day trip. It was very windy and cloudy, as it is most days this time of year. Luckily, that didn’t stop the fish from chewing good!

The day started out on the fly; blind casting through the pods of bait that were still(surprisingly) inhabiting the flats. On this day, we were using a white minnow pattern, nothing special. The fish had been loving the color white for the artificial jerk baits that we have also been using on other trips, so it was a good place to start. Well, wouldn’t you know, about 5 minutes into blind casting Carl was hooked up to his very first redfish on fly, and it was officially landed a few minutes later. Carl managed to catch two redfish and a nice sea trout in the first part of the trip using only fly gear. However, blind casting with a fly rod all day can be exhausing on your arms. So, he opted to pick up the spinning rod for the remainder of the trip.  It didn’t take long before Carl was hooked up to another Redfish. All -in-all, we had a great day with seven redfish total, along with three sea trout!

The last fish of the day was a special treat. I had been talking to Carl all day about the big sea trout that we have on the flats this time of year and how it can be very hard to get them to eat anything the majority of times. Then right about thirty minutes or so before the end of the trip, Carl hooked another fish. It was fighting exactly like the redfish before it, so I didn’t really get too excited. All of the sudden, it lunged out of the water, shaking its head from side to side. It was a MONSTER trout, weighing in at just over five pounds! The kind we were searching for. Perfect ending to another windy day.

Tight lines!

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