Awesome day deep sea fishing

December 14, 2019 by Reel-Fin-Addict Charters

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The weather was good, the boat was fueled and ready, why not go fishing right?

We were trolling along in about 750ft of water when this beautiful female cow dolphin rushed in behind the boat to investigate the spread. Although seemingly interested, nothing quite tickled her fancy as she didn’t strike any of the baits we had in the water at time. Not to be deterred, we quick threw some chum in the water to keep her interested while we baited a naked squid on the spinner. Simultaneously we had slowed the boat and started to retrieve 2 of the surface lines so we could chase this dolphin without fear of tangling lines. We threw the squid in the water and skipped it at slow speed. 5 minutes after sighting this fish, we were hooked up - FISH ON!

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