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September 26, 2019 Siracusa 7 photos

Trip Summary

This late September was a successful one. Last fishing sessions went very good. Fish are there in good numbers and this promises a great Autumn-Winter season for fishing in Sicily. One of the techniques we particularly like in these waters, productive when practised in the right period and with correct bait, is live bait trolling. This technique could also be considered a Deep sea fishing in Sicily, as is usually take place at -40m or deeper. Target fish are usually Dentex, Amberjack and many species of grouper. Bluefin tuna or other big species can occasionally bite fishing with live bait trolling but in that case, you need to be very good! Fishing in October October and November are great months to find the right live bait, which is also a fun activity to do early in the morning if you don't mind about waking up early during your holiday in Sicily. It is anyway possible to skip this part and jump on the boat when the live baits are already in the live tank, a couple of hours sleeping later! :-D On the last fishing sessions, James first, Mandy and Sebastian after went fishing in Syracuse area with us this week. Apart from the good fishing visible on the pictures, we had really great moments aboard. Good weather and some interesting activities, after fishing, filled those perfect days. Extra activities on a fishing trip In many places of Sicily, some activities are possible after the deep sea fishing session or during a 3-day fishing trip. One of them is jumping in the water to catch an octopus with barehand. Barehanded Octopus fishing. This is a family knowledge, a bunch of skills about spotting and catching octopus in their shelters, passed from my father, that I try to teach to my guests. Barehanded octopus fishing takes place from 1m to 4m of waters, in the daylight. Snorkelling gear and wetsuits are always available. It is always possible to catch and release them. Another thing we add to our trips, when possible and in specific places, is preparing abord a special lunch, maybe with the caught fish. This is to fill up a complete experience that will drive you directly into the Mediterranean fishing and marine lifestyle. In definitive, thanks to our experienced team, made of different skills, we can proudly say that for this specific season, and target fish, we can deliver, the best fishing in Sicily as an experience to remember.
Andrea Giard
Siracusa, Italy
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Bluefin Tuna emotions
Bluefin Tuna emotions
July 21, 2017
Bluefin Tuna passes every year along the coasts of Italy. Twice. Big fish coming from the Atlantic Ocean to complete their reproduction cycle, starts to run all along the Mediterranean to spawn from Spring to fall. Some schools instead are resident in the Mediterranean sea, living here year-round. This large presence of the species, set with no doubts Italy as the location with the best Mediterranean fishing for tuna. The Bluefin Tuna is considered a superb animal, superbly adapted for extreme swimming, extreme lasting, extreme diving, travelling, eating, growing compared to other fish. The video (here is just the short 30 sec. version) is a tribute to this great fighter, taking the battle to the ultimate level! Unbelievable spooling, exhausting oppositions, long lasting fightings, a technical approach and preparation as shown in this short movie are always part of the bluefin tuna game fishing. The footage highlights the emotions coming out from the epic fight, for the angler and the other people aboard. When the tuna arrives finally under the boat, showing his majesty, is always a general “WOOOWW”. Is also possible to see how the Crew guidance, concurrently helps the fisherman to correctly behave in order to take the fish under the boat, which is not an easy job! Apart from being a fishing trip or a fishing charter in Italy, we love to transmit knowledge about how to catch a bluefin tuna. Technique and equipment The technique is Drifting for Tuna, with both live and dead bait. The preparation is an important part of the fishing session, looking for live bait and preparing the dead ones to correctly drop on the current. Correct distances, bait presentation, equipment dimension, right spots and timing are just some of the local knowledge that plays a big role to reach the strikes. In this specific case, fighting was done on a fishing chair and using Shimano Tiagra 80lb reel and rod. A setting that can be considered “heavy”. We frequently use instead, a setting that can be considered “light”, employing the Shimano Talica 50lb and 25lb with the deep spool, together with lightweight harness gimbal (belt) that allows stand-up fishing for Tuna and completely different action. We hope to transmit an important message evaluating Tuna game fishing as a sustainable and sportive activity, against not sustainable professional fishing techniques. Thanks to some government actions and strict lows the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna is back in big quantity in the Mediterranean Sea, after a past period of illegal and uncontrolled fishing. It worth also to mention that Bluefin tuna is also a historical fishery in the Mediterranean sea as described in a past article about Tuna fishing in Sicily.
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