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March 13, 2016 by Bryan Connell

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The Catch
Snapper (Red)

Afternoon All,
              The last few weekends have been full with great weather and great fishing.
The weekdays have been even better weather a lot less people out on the water but with fish everywhere.
Friday to Sunday Kahawai bubbling on the surface screamed out a lure.
with some size d beast’s it was hard to keep them on the end till netted.

Snapper sizes are better with most feeding on the whitebait schools and the carnage left behind form kahawai and Kingfish spats.

We have fished from Harbour to Waiheke back of Rangi seems to be no difference only in the easterlies where the shelter is more comfortable and places where less traffic passes is always good.

The next 2 weekends and stat days are all taken up

I have left the Sunday 10th of April and Sunday 17th for Casuals to give plenty of time to book.

Otherwise weekdays will have to prevail but still require the numbers.

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