Black Drum, Rdfish and Snook!
February 17, 2020 Oak Hill 1 photo

Trip Summary

For the last few weeks the Haulover Canal in the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge has been the place to be for big Redfish and big Black Drum. There have been several large schools milling around. Night and day. It seems that the best bait to use has been Blue Crabs with Shrimp coming in a distant second. It also seems that the best time was at night with a lot being caught either just after dark or just a couple of hours before daylight. We did have some luck in the mid-morning on shrimp and lucked up on some nice Drum. If you have some large shrimp you could even end up with some Snook. Good luck and good fishing!
Neal Goodrich
Oak-hill, Florida, United States
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March Blew in a Great Catch of Fish
March Blew in a Great Catch of Fish
November 4, 2018
The fishing picked up strong the third week in March! Even though the wind roared a little in the morning, it backed off in the afternoon and the sun shone bright. It was especially great for some lucky customers the day I pulled double duty. (It sure was hard on the “Ole Captain”.) It started out slightly cool and a little windy but my four new friends were optimistic and ready to go. After two or three quick stops we got into a good bite of Redfish and we quickly discovered they were mingled in with a swinging load of black drum. We must have released fifty fish. The good folks I had out didn’t want to take home as much as they were catching so we took in four Redfish, two large Black Drum, one Speckled Trout and one Whiting. A great variety for the morning. They needed to get in and wanted to have time to eat at Goodrich Seafood Resturaunt before they went home, so we headed to the dock. I hadn’t had time to finish filleting their fish and my afternoon customers drove up. They watched me finish with the morning’s fish and I sent half the fillets in for the chef to fix for the morning fishermen to enjoy for lunch and put the other half in their cooler before leaving for the after trip. After proper introductions we climbed aboard and took a chance and headed back to the same spot and lucky for us the fish were still there and still ready to bite every time we threw a hook at them. We brought in two good Redfish and seven large Black Drum. But what was great was we threw back twenty-five Black Drum and fifteen Redfish. Now that’s a day for the books! If they just would happen more often.