Spring fishing is heating up
May 06, 2022 Hampstead 2 photos

Trip Summary

Had a couple of trips to kick off the spring season, in between low pressure systems and windy days. One thing that I can say is that if these trips are any indication, we're in for a hot season this year! Fuel prices are gone way up, but we're trying to keep our rates where they are. I know it's gonna cost you more to come down, so let's not break the bank getting you on the water! We have a lot of weekend dates available at this point, so make your plans and give us a call! Let's go fishing!
Phillip Loughlin
Hampstead, North Carolina, United States
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Short trip, good fishing
Short trip, good fishing
May 29, 2022
Got out with clients Tony, his wife, and their son A.J. on a half day boat trip. Conditions were a bit foggy and made for a slow start, but once we got a little more sunshine the fishing started to turn on, with the Spanish mackerel coming in steadily on the Clark spoons. In about a half hour, we had six in the box. Unfortunately, mal de mer took its toll and we had to pack it in early. The group were great sports and tried to tough it out, but seasickness can be a miserable feeling. I've been there myself. Here are a couple of suggestions to consider: 1- If you're not used to being on the ocean, it doesn't hurt to take precautions. Dramamine is easy to find. Also, some people swear by the wristbands. If you know you have some issues with motion sickness, your doctor can also give you a prescription for something more effective. 2- Dramamine and some other remedies work best if you get them into your system prior to the trip. I usually suggest taking a dose before you go to bed, the night before the trip. Then take another dose an hour or so before we leave the dock. Don't overdo it, though. Too much and you're likely to sleep right through the trip! 3- A nice fizzy, not-too-sweet soda is always a good thing as soon as you start to feel any discomfort. Ginger ale is my go-to, but 7-Up, Sprite, or even club soda can help. 4- Get plenty of sleep. If you're tired, your equilibrium is more susceptible to motion. On the same note, it's usually helpful to moderate your partying the night before. 5- Eat normally, but don't get crazy. Have a decent breakfast. One of the worst things you can do is get out there on an empty stomach. It sounds counterintuitive, but if you're hungry, your body is going to be a little weaker. 6- This may be the most important. Don't worry about getting sick. It's hard to overstate the importance of a positive mental attitude. In my experience, a lot of folks start out the trip thinking about getting sick, and they think themselves right into it. 7- It's OK to get seasick. It happens to a lot of people and no one is going to think you're less of a person if it happens to you. As a captain, I see it a lot. Sometimes being on a rolling deck is just more than your body can take. Usually, you'll have your little bout and be fine, but yeah, sometimes it can be bad enough to want to go home. 8- This goes with #7... if you're feeling a little queasy don't just keep it to yourself. Let the captain know. Sometimes there are things we can do to help you feel better... turning into the wind so you get more breeze, or even changing tactics such as switching from bottom fishing (the worst!) and trying some fast trolling. And if it's really unbearable, we can always move inshore. While we don't specialize in inshore fishing, we can usually find a spot to drift for redfish or trout. You can even use up the time with a nice waterway cruise, enjoying the scenery and fresh air. 9- Understand that if you choose to cut the trip short, most captains are going to have to charge the full price of the trip you booked. That's not intended as a "penalty," but if, for example, you have a half day booked, that means no one else can book that time. The captain can't just go get another crew and make up the lost fishing time.