Port Vila Fishing Reports

45KG Yellowfin For The Boys!

April 26, 2016 by Russ Housby

Trip Info

The Catch
Jack (Almaco)
Jobfish (Green)
Rainbow Runner
Trevally (Giant)
Tuna (Yellowfin)

Well today gave the guys from Reel Time Fishing Charters a perfect example of the sheer variety of hard pulling fish abundant in Vanuatu. We started the morning jigging a deep drop off, on the first drop all three guys hooked up and mayhem ensued with rods bent double and much excitement. Out of the triple only one fish made it to the surface, a nice GT…. with one fish unstoppable and another taken by the sharks. After a quick re-rig it was back down for more punishment! On this drift they caught huge Rainbow Runners, and a big Jobfish. The next drift we headed deeper into 150m, after a few more lost jigs to the unstoppables Chris managed to hook one of his bucket list fish. A solid, hard pulling Almacojack, which was soon on ice chilling for the nights sashimi. The boys continued to get bites, lose jigs, and catch fish until the sharks showed up in force and we decided to leave them to it. It was only 5 miles to one of the closer FADS so we went out to catch the afternoon tide. As we arrived we could see birds working, with big Yellowfin Tuna feeding underneath them. As always with Tuna it was hard to be in the right place at the right time, but when we were it all came together in a big way. The birds started to come together in front of us and this time it felt like we were in the right spot. As we made a pass through the melee, right on cue an untterly huge Yellowfin erupted behind the long corner for all to see. The fish made two passes without touching a lure as we all stood and watched in awe. Seconds later the long rigger got bit and instantly I could see it was half the size of the fish we had just seen. Chris did an awesome job of fighting the fish and within 15 minutes a 45KG Yellowfin was over the side. As it hit the deck we all said the same thing, which was “How big was the other one???!!!”

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