Short Afternoon Shark Trip with the Wife

August 16, 2016 by Ronnie Kinner

Trip Info

The Catch
Shark (Blacktip)
Shark (Bonnethead)

Since we had our 2nd child, my wife working full time and me working full time chartering we don’t get to spend much time on the water together anymore. We both finally were able to make arrangements for a late afternoon shark trip inshore. This by the way was her first time out catching sharks, she is normally my redfish queen! The weather was perfect and the tides were just right. Took us only about 15 minutes to fill the live well with menhaden for bait. We quickly ran to my perfect shark spot and began casting lines. In less than 20 minutes the sharks were on, she landed a smaller sized sharp nose. She was then hooked and was ready for some more action. As she was reeling in her 3rd shark, our 2nd rod started to scream - DOUBLES! Total success, in just a 2 hour time frame she landed 4 sharks and a ray.

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