Fall time bonefish and permit fishing

September 29, 2016 by Alex Zapata

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late summer and fall is my favorite time of the year for bonefishing, as the water temperatures start to cool off a bit, making the fish actively feed through the day. Fall is also the time of the year when we get some of the biggest tides. Big tides can be good and bad. For permit fishing, big-strong tides are hard to beat, as they tend to feed hard through the tide and also are able to reach areas that otherwise would be too shallow for their comfort. Add some wind and the permit fishing can be epic!!
The same applies to Bonefish. the fish will take advantage of the high water to access those backwater areas full of goodies, that are usually too shallow for them to get in.

The drawbacks… well, you really need to time your tides right as your window for low water will be minimum. Sometimes there will be no low water at all, making the Bonefish really hard to find in their normal whereabouts, as they will have plenty of water and places to go. It’s a double edge sword, but if you know how make that high water play in your favor, the fishing can be very good.

We have been finding plenty of Bonefish in big schools, tailing and waking during low water periods and then mudding and cruising during the high water and outgoing water. The permit have also been around in good numbers, providing plenty of shots for the fly fisherman willing to put his time trying to fool one with chicken feathers, and also, the spin fisherman armed with an always effective live crab.

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