2 day fishing expedition with Darren

December 01, 2016 by Ismail Didi

Trip Info

The Catch
Grouper (Red)
Jobfish (Green)
Jobfish (Rusty)
Rainbow Runner
Trevally (Giant)
Tuna (Dogtooth)

Day1 Morning session 0530 - 1200

* Departed Hulhumale at 0530
* Did some trolling to begin with, unfortunately we didn’t catch any fish on troll
* We came across a school of bonito , they were very excited
* Next up was Popping, unfortunately we couldn’t get any bites
* And then we decided to try our luck with vertical jigging and BINGO
* The fish were biting pretty good
* We managed to get mostly different types of grouper, along the way Big Bruce the shark decided to collect his share as well.
* Huge Yellow mouth grouper and a small grouper ( 2 ON 1) both at the same time
* Jobfish (rusty)
* Lunch Break @ Paradise Island Resort ( Can be arranged on request by guests)

Day 1 Afternoon Session 1400 - 1900

* Different Location, decided to stick with jigging
* Huge bites, suspected dogtooth never managed to get the fish onbaord
* Jobfish (green)
* more Grouper


* After a long and exciting day of fishing we returned back to Hulhumale’
* When we came back, our team @ JUST SALT had already got the BBQ Grill burning
* Theres nothing like a freshly caught fish on the barbie

Day 2 Morning session 0530 - 1200

* Same time departure from Hulhumale’
* Different location
* Couple of Travelly
* A shark ( Catch and release of course)
* More grouper
* Later Darren managed to hook a nice big GT and get it onboard.
* Small break to have some freshly made shashimi with a special soy sauce from Singapore


Day 2 Afternoon session 1400 - 1900

* This time JUST SALT invited some friends over for a round of spearfishing
* These guys are pros
* Spearfishing Equipment can be rented
* Jobfish (green)
* Dogtooth
* Rainbow Runner
* It was epic


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