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Search for the Yellowfin Tuna

December 06, 2016

Remo Baleri is a fresh water angler and have never fished on the ocean before and he was very excited to join our team at #justsalt on board #vitaminsea for a half day adventure. He had a special request,… Read Full Report →

2 day fishing expedition with Darren

December 01, 2016

Day1 Morning session 0530 - 1200 * Departed Hulhumale at 0530 * Did some trolling to begin with, unfortunately we didn't catch any fish on troll * We came across a school of bonito , they were very excited… Read Full Report →

Yellowfin tuna jigging

January 28, 2016

Departed Male' at 2 in the afternoon. Arrived at our fishing spot, 25 miles north of Male' around 33000 as the sea had quite a bit of swells. The strike rates were absolutely amazing. Not all were successful but… Read Full Report →

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