Coho, Lake Trout and Walleye “Oh My!”
June 10, 2024 Duluth 3 photos & 2 videos

Trip Summary

Fishing has remained relatively consistent on Superior, although inconsistent winds has had us chasing the surfave water temps, sometimes as far as 15 miles offshore. Fish have been in 46-49* surface temps in the top 20ft of the water column. Shallow stickbaits in pinks amd oranges as well as flasher fly combinations on dipsy divers and downriggers have been putting coho and lake trout in the box. The St Louis River harbor is still putting out good walleye wiich has provided some good action as well!
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Duluth, Minnesota, United States
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Happy Hooker Charters runs angling trips out of Duluth and offers to show you what the local fishery is all about. Captain James Cotner (previously Captain of Happy Hooker’s "Hooker Too") will do his best to make sure you have a fun day fu...

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