Key West Light Tackle Fishing Charters

Key West Light Tackle Fishing Charters

Best Light Tackle Fishing Charters in Key West

Top Light Tackle Fishing Charters in Key West

Light Tackle Fishing in Key West

Thanks to its phenomenal light tackle fishing, Key West is the go-to place for anglers in search of a record catch. With hundreds of IGFA world records to its name, most of which were achieved on light tackle, this small island has huge reputation in the world of saltwater sportfishing.

What is light tackle fishing in Key West like?

Light tackle fishing is all about putting the angler to the test. It is an art, a form of fishing that matches you up to the fish. Here, there are no fighting chairs or enormous cranking reels to help. And with nothing but a small, simple rod and reel to worry about, it is the perfect introduction to the joys of Key West fishing for new anglers and record-chasing pros alike.

There’s no limit to where you can go with light tackle—all the best Key West fishing spots can be explored with this setup. Explore the backcountry for Snook, battle a mighty Shark or Barracuda in the flats, run after Tarpon in Key West Harbor, or head offshore to put your skills to the test against Sailfish, Tuna, and Mahi Mahi. With a knowledgeable guide and a fast and nimble boat, you’ll have all the possibilities at your fingertips.

Most light tackle fishing in these parts is done aboard a center console boat—that is, a boat that gives you space to walk all the way around the edge as you try to reel your fish in. These boats can fish a variety of waters, being small enough to navigate the Harbor, while having the power and stability needed to fish offshore, too.  

What can you catch?

Well, pretty much anything. As long as it swims and is in season, the right guide can help you target any fish you like with line up to no more than 25 lb test. It all depends on your previous experience and what you want to get out of your trip.

New anglers and families will enjoy fishing the reefs with light tackle. Anchoring near Florida’s rich reef system and chumming the water with pilchards will most likely get you hooked up with colorful Yellowtail Snapper. If you want to put a lot of fish in the boat, this is the trip for you.

Don’t have your sea legs yet? Consider a backcountry or flats fishing charter. These take place in protected waters rich in wildlife. With Snook, Bonefish, juvenile Tarpon, Snappers, and more readily available, this is another good trip for beginners and experts alike.

Want to break a record? Head offshore. Winter and Spring welcome schools of Sailfish and Blackfin Tuna to the reef lines near Key West. Get them excited by chumming the waters and target them with live bait (ballyhoo, goggle eye, and pilchards all the the job very well). Come in the summer, go a little further offshore, and you may even be able to target Marlin on light tackle—the final conquest of many a serious sport angler.

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Fishing with Mike
Matt S. fished with Michael O’Brien Charters on August 11, 2020
Sometimes the fish aren't biting. There are no guarantees. Enjoy the view and the scenery and conversation if nothing else.
Evening half day trip with Ryan
Kate Z. fished with Good Times Key West on July 26, 2020
Sunscreen!!!! Also, have an idea of what type of fishing you’d like to do before booking and heading out, that way your captain can get you to the best spot!
Half Day with captain Hugh
Karl Z. fished with Reel Easy Charters on July 16, 2020
Just be watch, learn and enjoy being out on the water.
Yellow Jacks!!
Judy O. fished with Good Times Key West on July 6, 2020
Be ready to catch some fish. By hiring a guide, you have everything you need at your fingertips.... Bait, tackle, water and a nice boat to get you onto the water. Morning fishing is probably the best, as the afternoons can be extra steamy and fish may be sluggish.
Great Yellow Jack Fishing with Captain JJ
Asterios H. fished with Reel A Salt on June 26, 2020
The weather was amazing and fishing the back country was amazing! Highly recommend.
Half Day with Captain Russ
Tony D. fished with Corsair 2 Sportfishing Key West on August 14, 2019
Book your trip with a Captain who knows the area and Captain Russ has been in the Key West area fishing his entire life.
Half day trip with Ryan
Rebecca M. fished with Good Times Key West on August 2, 2019
Make sure you have something to put on to cover your skin from the sun...our Florida sun is hot in August!!
Fishing with Damon
Stephen T. fished with Fish Key West - The Coolcast on August 1, 2019
You are lucky if you get Josh as your captain. Top notch professional and a good person to know

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