Fishing in Seychelles

When it comes to some of the most exciting saltwater fishing the Indian ocean has to offer, look no further than the glorious Seychelles. Tremendous fly and deep sea fishing potential is what compels anglers worldwide to these waters, which boast world records for Striped bonito, Bonefish, GT's and much more.

Known For

Vallée de Mai, Coco-de-mer palm trees, Pristine and uncrowded beaches, Vast diversity of reef and pelagic species, Atoll of Aldabra, The Cousin Island Special Reserve, Perpetual summer climate, Pirate Olivier le Vasseur's treasure, Heavy duty trolling, World's largest population of Giant Tortoises, Moyenne haunted Island, World record for Dogtooth tuna and indo-pacific Bonito, Jellyfish Tree, Esmeralda - World's heaviest tortoise, Finest Bonefishing, Bird Island, Endemic flora and fauna


Rules & Regulations

No fishing license is required for recreational fishing. In the Inner Islands, fishing is prohibited within the boundaries of the Curieuse, Ile Cocos, Port Launay/Baie Ternay and Ste. Anne Marine National Parks. In addition, no fishing is permitted within 200 metres from Aride Island Nature Reserve Beach. No fishing is allowed around the island of Aldabra.


Types of Fishing

Abundance of Wahoo and Dorados, Gracious Marlin and Sailfish seasons, Record-sized Dogtooth and Bonito, Bottomfishing for Snapper, Wrasse and Grouper, Clear-sand flats teeming with Bonefish, Permit, Trevally, Milk Fish and Trigger Fish, Ocassional Barracuda nad Triggerfish bonus


Seychelles Fishing Calendar