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Fishing in Redding, CA is something that every angler needs to tick off his or her bucket list. The Sacramento River runs through the heart of this city, the Trinity River is just a stone’s throw away, and there’s an abundance of lakes to explore, too. This means that casting a line here is not just exciting, but also easy – you’re never very far from a top-quality fishery! 
There’s a reason why Redding made the list of “North America’s Top 10 Trout Fishing Towns.” Rainbow and Brown Trout can be found all over the city, with the Sacramento and McCloud Rivers being especially fruitful. Find a fishing guide, and they’ll use their local knowledge to make sure you’re fishing the most productive waterway for your target species.
More of a Salmon fan? You’ll be pleased to know that this fish is abundant throughout Redding. Let your guide know that you want to battle Chinook and Coho, and they’ll take you to the best spots. The Trinity River is bustling with these fish, with summertime through November being especially plentiful. Battle Creek, a tributary of the Sacramento River, also offers up some hot Salmon action.
Redding fishing guides tailor trips depending on the species you’d like to target and what’s biting. If there’s a body of water you’re set on fishing, let them know, but otherwise it’s good to go with the flow! You can generally opt for half day to full day adventures, with shorter trips being a good option for newer anglers or families with children.

Rules & Regulations

Before embarking on your Redding fishing adventure, you’ll need to purchase a valid California fishing license. Some of the area’s fisheries have specific open and closed seasons, and traveling with an experienced guide will ensure you’re following the local rules and regulations. All you have to worry about is reeling in that trophy catch!


Start your year off in the right way, and head to the Sacramento River for the chance to target some Rainbow Trout! Elsewhere, head to the Trinity River to chase the winter run of Steelhead.


The action remains much the same as in January, with Rainbow Trout and winter Steelhead convincing local anglers to brave the cold weather. The Trinity River and the Sacramento River are both good options.


Head to the stretch of the Sacramento River around downtown Redding, where you’ll find some hefty Rainbow Trout on offer! On the Trinity, winter Steelhead can be caught all the way through to late March.


Anglers who want to target some Trout on the fly should head to the Trinity River, where the fly-fishing-only section is now open! Rainbow Trout fishing remains strong on the Sacramento River.


Redding’s Hat Creek may be less-known than the prominent Sac River, but it’s the place to be in May! It’s one of the area’s most productive Trout streams, and you’ll find Brown and Rainbow varieties on offer.


June typically heralds the start of the Sacramento River’s Salmon season, as anglers can now head here to cast a line for huge “King” Chinook. Salmon fishing is also seriously hot on the Trinity River, too.


Coho and Chinook Salmon can be chased all along the Trinity River, as well as in the Sacramento River. Rainbow Trout can be found in abundance in the lower Sac River, so Trout enthusiasts will be happy too!

The weather usually hits its peak during this month, and the fishing is equally as hot. Chinook Salmon can be chased throughout the Sac, and the Trinity River is home to the trio of Chinook, Coho, and Steelhead.

If you want to hook a brag-worthy catch, this is the time of year to cast your line. Head to the Sacramento River on a Salmon-chasing adventure, where you’ll get to target Chinook that reach up to 70 pounds.

Those huge Chinook Salmon can still be found throughout the Sac River, and you’ll be able to target both Coho and Chinook varieties in the Trinity. Fishing for Rainbow and Brown Trout remains strong.
Fishing for Rainbow and Brown Trout continues at a steady pace this month, with the Sacramento and Trinity Rivers still yielding plentiful results. Salmon season is still open, with some gigantic varieties to be found.

Make sure the end of your year is fish-filled in Redding! The Sacramento River is still bustling with Salmon varieties, as well as Rainbow Trout. On the Trinity River, the winter Steelhead run offers up plenty of action.

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The best way to experience fishing in Redding is to book a private charter with a licensed fishing guide. See the full list of charters available for online booking here: List of fishing charters in Redding, California.

The top 3 fish species targeted on guided fishing trips in Redding are:

If you want to hook a brag-worthy catch, this is the time of year to cast your line. Head to the Sacramento River on a Salmon-chasing adventure, where you’ll get to target Chinook that reach up to 70 pounds. Check availability for local fishing charters in Redding.

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