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The excellence of Pompano Beach fishing charters can hardly be considered a secret. The area’s deep waters and endless reefs have drawn many accomplished captains to the area. What makes the town’s fishing special is the fact that the water drops very quickly, allowing you to target even the most prized of species within a mile or two offshore.

These lively underwater landscapes hold large numbers of Grouper, Snapper, Triggerfish, and Hogfish. Head out a little further, and you will find Mahi Mahi, Sailfish, big King Mackerel, and Wahoo. More seasoned anglers will probably already know about Pompano Beach’s specialty – Swordfish. Less than 20 miles from shore the waters are deep enough to hold it, making both night and daytime trips a local favorite.

Having so many underwater structures means you will be spoiled for choice on a half day trip out of Pompano Beach. If you stay out longer, take full advantage of the awesome deep sea fishing on offer. Head up to Sailfish Alley, where one lucky boat once caught and released 83 Sailfish in a single day, or go 15 miles out to the Gulf Stream, where you can find Marlin, Sailfish, and so much more.

If you’re coming to Pompano Beach with the goal of setting off into the deep blue waters offshore, your best bet will be the charters located in the vicinity of the Hillsboro Inlet. From here, you’ll be able to find an experienced captain and a seaworthy vessel able to lead you to the catch of a lifetime!

Rules & Regulations

There are several strict closed seasons in Florida, most notably for many species of Grouper, which can be caught only from May onwards. You will not need a fishing license when fishing aboard a registered Pompano Beach fishing charter as you are covered by the boat’s license.

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What better way to kick off the year than by dropping some lines for tasty bottom fish like Snapper and Tilefish? Trolling for huge Sailfish more your style? Whatever you want, you've got it here.


The annual Pompano Beach Sailfish Challenge draws the country's top anglers for an explosion of foam and flying kites. Book well in advance for the chance of 20-bite-strong sessions offshore.


As the weather warms up, so does the bite on the reefs, with Snappers, Groupers, Tilefish and Triggerfish making for great food fishing. Deep in the dark, the first Swordfish are beginning to show up, too.


The blue water action starts to heat up, with Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, and Marlin showing up offshore just as the Sailfish start packing for their summer vacation. This is a great chance to catch them all at once.


May kicks off the season for various species of Grouper and they're just one small slice of the awesome fishing on the wrecks and reefs nearby. Jump aboard a drift boat and catch yourself some lunch!


The Pompano Beach Saltwater Slam is held every year in June and promises awesome fishing in various categories. Want to get away from the pack? Head offshore in search on monster Swordfish.


July is peak Swordfish season and the perfect chance to target these awesome abyssal hunters. This is not for the faint-hearted but the rewards are huge, making the battle count even more.


The Pompano Beach Saltwater Showdown promises awesome offshore action for anyone ambitious enough to sign up. This times well with peak Blue Marlin season, everyone's favorite time of year.


September is a good month for any style of fishing. the Swordfish are in their prime, the Marlin are still in town, and on the reefs the Grouper are getting huge, making for the perfect meal at the end of the day.


the Sailfish show up just as the other pelagic fish start to leave, because sometimes nature's nice like that. This is your last solid chance of big Swordfish, too, so grab it with both hands and hold on tight.


Sailfish are back in their prime and the reefs are always bursting with life. The cooler weather will make reeling in those huge bottom fish a lot easier, too, so get out there and grab some!


What better way to spend the winter than catching delicious bottom fish? Book in for a full day and you will also have plenty of time to enjoy the awesome Sailfish action. Happy holidays indeed!

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10 minutes then we catch 18 lbs king Fish. Super cool 👌
Codi H. fished with Just Right Charters on December 26, 2020
It is a bit cold & windy in the early morning but its great because the fish is hungry and bite fast
8 hr trip with benny's book a mate
Jamie L. fished with Benny's Book a Mate&Fishing Charter on July 17, 2019
If your fishing for the first time in pompano, book a trip with benny's book a mate charters!!! Well worth the $$$$
Half day trip with Benny
Michael K. fished with Benny's Book a Mate&Fishing Charter on July 6, 2019
Yes, Seemed to be boats in the area all fishing Unfortunately due to sea sickness by two of my party we had to go in early.
Family Oriented Captain
Joe K. fished with Just Right Charters on July 5, 2019
Love looking at the homes while on the boat. The fishing is great, and the home sightseeing was also fun.
Half day trip with Benny
Grant R. fished with Benny's Book a Mate&Fishing Charter on June 28, 2019
I would recommend giving Benny at Benny’s book a mate charter. He will do anything he can to make sure you catch some fish
Fun, fun, fun
Marilyn S. fished with Benny's Book a Mate&Fishing Charter on June 20, 2019
Don't forget to bring some snacks. Have a great time!
Half day charter
Richard S. fished with Fishing Guide Capt Tom Hinterschied on June 15, 2019
Check out the fishing fleet ahead of time to see what's being caught. Fish for what's biting now and you won't be disappointed.
Great Experience
Qian X. fished with Fishing Guide Capt Tom Hinterschied on May 12, 2019
Don't eat too much before the trip. Motion sickness will get you easier.

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