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Top Fishing Charters in Port St Lucie

Fishing in Port St Lucie

Still just a stretch of unpopulated land as recently as the 1960s, Port St Lucie has come a long way. It’s now a buzzing city which attracts not just anglers but vacationers who want to spend their well-deserved days off enjoying the heat of the summer. What was once a fishing camp is now an aquatic battleground where anglers come year after year to fight Snook and Sailfish.

Heading downstream, Port St Lucie fishing charters will explore inlets, creeks, and lakes that guard the entrance to the Atlantic and its stunning supply of fish. Come back with bags full of catch, take a splash in the Sailfish waterpark, take a quick coffee break, and head back for more. The offshore fisheries hold game fish so voracious that you can push the envelope and set another record within an hour of departure.

Port St Lucie fishing spots

From secluded honey holes to bridges and flats, local waters are meant for fishing. The rich selection of inshore species makes Port St Lucie a textbook example of a well-rounded fishery. But it doesn’t end there. Head offshore and you will need some seriously heavy tackle to reel in the fish before they cut through your line.

Port St Lucie River

Once you make it to the river banks, you’ll leave the noise behind and enjoy the view that inspired The Highwaymen artists. Mangroves, sabal palmettos, and the calls of herons and egrets -- this is where you’ll be fishing. The imagery gets even more stunning when you add the Snook and Jack Crevalle that swim around these waters.

Hutchinson Island South

For Tarpon lovers, these fisheries will have you hooked after a single trip. Pompano and Snook are regular visitors for the better part of the year, but there’s much more besides them. It’s a mystery that promises bags of catch.

Jensen Beach to Jupiter Island

If you want a good stock of Snapper, you’ll check this place out the moment you come to town. It’s a go-to spot for juicy table fare, and many novice anglers can get a rich catch without having to travel offshore. Move around skinny flats and you’ll come across Trout and Redfish biting for most of the year.

Hells Gate

If you want year-round action, check out the area around the docks where Snook hide or look for Jacks. You might also come across other critters such as Bluefish, and don’t be surprised by occasional Trout and Redfish.

Bethel Shoal Buoy

The buoy is a coveted yet hidden area of wrecks where the water’s 80 ft deep. There’s a good promise of sport fishing here as anglers have reaped Mahi, Tuna, and bags of Snapper and Grouper in the past. If you want to avoid missing the good bits, find a local captain to get you there.

St Lucie Hump

Bottom fishing is forbidden around the Hump, which lies some 30 miles offshore, in order to preserve the stock of Grouper and Tilefish. But topwater anglers will find pelagics galore. The water’s around 200 ft deep, which will attract apex predators like Yellowfin Tuna. It’s pretty busy here though.

Fishing Techniques

Fishing off Port St Lucie means a variety of techniques that are productive and enjoyable for less experienced and seasoned fishers alike. The inshore honey holes are ripe for sight casting, fly fishing and light tackle battles/action, while the ocean fisheries are the place to try trolling and bottom fishing.

If you want to get Redfish, you’ll need Shrimp, light tackle, and a firm grip. They are strong and won’t hesitate to crush your line. Snook are one of the most popular species in these waters and hide around secluded areas, coming out of estuaries once spring sets in. Fly fishing for Snook is great for any serious angler. Trout will devour pretty much any bait, and you can even try getting them on your own.

Fly fishing for Tarpon never gets boring, but sight casting also produces amazing results. Getting Permit to bite will required Crabs and Shrimp, while Jack Crevalle will inhale Menhaden.

Rig up live bait with a sinker and drop it to the seafloor to get Lane Snapper. Novice anglers will also like fishing for Mangrove Snapper and the best bait for them is Pinfish or Sardines. As for other bottom species, Amberjack and Grouper are savages and best dealt with if you have some experience.

The proven method for hard-hitting pelagics is trolling with bait or lures. Out of Port St Lucie, trolling around offshore reefs and wrecks will get you Sailfish, Mahi, Wahoo, and Yellowfin Tuna.

Need to know

You don’t need a fishing license if you’re fishing from a licensed fishing charter or with a certified guide. However, if you want to test the piers after you’ve had your share in the ocean fisheries, you can buy a license online.

Most charters provide all the gear, bait, lures, and tackle, while you should pack sunscreen, shades, a cap, food and drinks, and take Dramamine if you get seasick.

The regulations on bag and size limits apply, so always consult current regulations when booking your trip.

Port St Lucie Fishing Seasons

Although it’s winter time, fishing is scorching hot. Offshore you can get monster Sailfish that put even more seasoned fishers to the test. Stay inshore and catch Bonefish and Trout.

Plenty of promising days on the water, with a chance to land Sailfish offshore. Go trolling, kite fishing or fly fishing and see what works the best. Bonefish dominate the inshore waters.

Spend the spring break fishing for Sailfish, Mahi, Kingfish, and Tuna. If you want to check out inshore bays and creeks, stock up on feather jigs for Snook.

If you want a nice weekend getaway head offshore and troll for Kingfish and Cero Mackerel. You can easily hook in Mahi. Inshore fisheries are lit up with Tarpon, Snook, and Bonefish.

Grouper are in season and bite like mad. Amberjack are also swimming around offshore bottoms, with Mahi and Wahoo foraging near the surface.

Head out early to avoid crowds and chase Tarpon around inshore waterways. If you go offshore, sand your ground as Wahoo and Tuna strike the line.

Use summer to the fullest and go trolling for King Mackerel, Mahi, Marlin, Wahoo, or explore the bottom fisheries for Grouper. Inshore, you can get Jack Crevalle and Tarpon.

The summer heat is still on, producing amazing fishing. Head to the Gulf Stream and land Mahi, Marlin, Wahoo, or Kingfish. Bottom fisheries produce amazing Amberjack. Inshore, you can try fly fishing for Tarpon.


Spend the early days of fall scouting inshore bays on a quest to find Bonefish, Snook, Permit, and Jack Crevalle. If you want a bigger opponent, hop onboard and head offshore where you can get Sailfish and Mahi.

If you stay around town, you can get the inshore favorites and go home with Redfish, Trout, and Permit. Sharks are another possibility, while offshore you can get Mahi and Sailfish.

How about a Thanksgiving gift to remember? Head offshore and fish for Kingfish, Cero Mackerel, Bonito, and Sailfish. They sometimes show up only a mile from the coast. When the ocean is flat, you can also get Wahoo and Mahi.

The warm currents of the Gulf Stream keep fishing live and kicking. You can hook into Wahoo, Sailfish, Tuna, and King Mackerel. Inshore waters produce Redfish and Jack Crevalle.

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What People Are Saying About Port St Lucie

"Great Day"

Daniel O. fished with Reel World Sportfishing – Offshore on March 10, 2019

Take sunscreen and drink plenty of water.

"Great day of Fishing !"

Serge D. fished with Port St Lucie Fishing Charters on February 19, 2018

Make sure that you book with an experienced guide/Captain. There is no substitute for experience!

"December fishing trip"

Ted R. fished with Dutchman Sportfishing - St. Lucie on December 27, 2017

Talk with a experienced captain before planning your fishing charter. This is what I did with captain Aaron and he was awesome.

Top Targeted Species in Port St Lucie



King Mackerel (Kingfish)

King Mackerel (Kingfish)



Snapper (Mangrove)

Snapper (Mangrove)

Barracuda (Great)

Barracuda (Great)

Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)

Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)



Shark (Blacktip)

Shark (Blacktip)

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