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Top Fishing Charters in St. Bernard

Fishing in St. Bernard

Known as the New Orleans’ most historic neighbor, St. Bernard Parish holds immense cultural and geographical significance. In addition to its proud heritage, the area stands out for its natural beauty and an abundance of wildlife, offering life-changing angling opportunities. Just book a trip with one of many St. Bernard fishing charters and experience the best angling in Louisiana in a serene and welcoming setting. 

St. Bernard Fishing Spots

Conveniently located around 17 miles from the heart of New Orleans, the city of St. Bernard offers similar fishing opportunities to its larger neighbor, and more. This fishing, hunting, and birdwatching paradise will make it challenging to choose your fishing location. The variety of fisheries, including bays, sounds, bayous, marshes, canals, reefs, and deepwater rig areas is simply breathtaking. Lake Pontchartrain, Lake Borgne, Biloxi Marsh, Black Bay, and Breton Sound are just the tip of the iceberg, followed by prime locations such as Shell Beach, marshes of Hopedale, Delacroix, and many, many more. 

Lake Pontchartrain

St. Bernard fishing charters have access to some of the area’s prime fisheries, and Lake Pontchartrain is definitely at the top of the list. This brackish estuary is among some of the biggest wetlands on the Gulf Coast and is located less than 30 miles from St. Bernard. If you'd like to experience some of the best Trout fishing the "Pelican State" can offer while exploring New Orleans, Lake Pontchartrain should be your prime choice. The lake is famous for its monster Specks, and 5–12 pounders are not uncommon on any given day of the year. Fall and winter tend to be the most productive seasons when it comes to Trout, but you can also go after Redfish, Sheepshead, and Flounder year round. Lake Pontchartrain will also give you the unique opportunity to target monster Catfish in the same waters exploding with previously mentioned saltwater species!

Lake Borgne

Even though Lake Pontchartrain gets more press, its smaller neighbor, Lake Borgne, shouldn't be underestimated just because of its size. It's connected to Lake Pontchartrain via the Chef Menteur Pass and the Rigolets strait, and despite being called a "lake," it's actually a brackish lagoon, an extension of the Gulf of Mexico. Whatever you decide to call it, one thing's for sure – Lake Borgne offers incredible fishing 365 days a year. Thanks to the mixture of fresh and brackish water, the lake is rich with a variety of species. 
Trout action near the bridges on the east part of the lake is excellent during early summer. Fishing for Redfish, Drum, and Sheepshead will be more productive here as the temperatures start rising. Fall is when the action starts to heat up again, especially around some of the 25 wellheads and rigs on the lake. Here you could catch anything from Speckled Trout and Redfish to Black Drum and Sheepshead.

Biloxi Marsh

The "Bayou State" is known as one of the most productive Redfish locations, and the waters of Biloxi Marsh don't fail to impress even the biggest Redfish snobs. You can catch monster Reds in the bayous and ponds of this rich marsh any time of year, especially during fall. It's possible to land specimens weighing up to 50 pounds during late fall, while 30-pounders are more than common. Gigantic Black Drum are on the menu as well – some of them reach up to 70 pounds. Biloxi Marsh is also famous for sight fishing – hit the shallows and you'll find an abundance of gargantuan fish feeding on crabs. 

Black Bay and Breton Sound

The St. Bernard Parish fishing scene wouldn't be what it is without the waters of Black Bay and Breton Sound, especially during summer. Fishing hot spots from Stone to Battledore have been go-to trophy Trout fisheries for years, but the hurricanes brought many changes to these waters. Many of the old islands are now submerged, and fishing for Specks and Reds over these underwater structures can be very productive, especially near Lonesome Island. 
Belle and Stone Island are the only larger islands in the area not completely wiped out by hurricanes, and fishing near them can be excellent. Most St. Bernard captains start the day by fishing the shallows and reefs close to shore, before moving to deeper waters near many Black Bay structures and rigs, such as Battledore, the Big Compressor, Iron Banks, Black Tanks, and the Wreck.
Breton Sound is known for its various productive Trout fisheries, such as Point Chicot, Little Central, Bay Eloi, and many others. Point Chicot could also bring you Sheepshead, Ladyfish, and even Catfish, while Bay Eloi and its rigs can put you up against the likes of Sheepshead, Ladyfish, and even Blacktip Shark. If you're after Bull Reds, hit the Little Central, where the waters are 12–15 feet deep.

St. Bernard Fishing Tips

  • These waters are all about light tackle and spinning, trolling, popping, jigging, drifting, bottom fishing, and even bowfishing at times. 
  • Sight casting and fly fishing in the area are also popular, especially in the shallows of Biloxi Marsh. If you're fly fishing for Reds, it's recommended that you use 8–10 wt rods with floating lines and heavy leaders. Your cast should be 20–70 feet, and you should go for spoons and Clouser's patterns. 
  • And what about the bait? Reds are always hungry for shrimp, crabs, and mullets, but also react well to artificials. Specks can be caught using similar methods, while Blacks Drum and Sheepshead don't get fooled by artificial lures too often. Sheepshead prefer small shrimp and crabs.

Need to Know


St. Bernard fishing charters usually do not cover fishing licenses, so you’ll need to purchase a valid Basic Fishing License, along with a Saltwater License. These regulations apply to all anglers 16 and older. 


Depending on the season and catch limits, full day trips usually take six-to-eight hours and range between $550 to over $1,000 for a party of two-to-four anglers. Half days can be booked for $450–$600.

Getting There

Louisiana State Highway 300 passes through St. Bernard Parish and the city is easily accessible by car from New Orleans and other major cities. Coming by plane? Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport is only 30 miles from Saint Bernard's center.
So whether you're itching to battle Reds in the shallow marsh waters, chase Specks in the bays, or hunt the waters around the rigs for the biggest of fish, you'll find what your heart desires in St. Bernard. 
St. Bernard
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St. Bernard Fishing Seasons

The weather can be cold, but fishing is hot. Marshy backwaters are teeming Trout – they're especially active in Lake Pontchartrain, along with Blue Cats. You can also catch Reds and Drum.

Lake Borgne fishing during February is all about drop-offs and deeper spots, such as the Bypass, the Unknown Pass, and the Hospital Wall. You can catch Reds, Trout, Sheepshead, and more. 
The spring is finally here, and the waters are warming up. The end of the month is the time of the Redfish Cup series finals. Don't miss the Louisiana Crawfish Festival, either.
Fishing for Red and Black Drum in Biloxi Marsh is still great. You can also head out to Breton Sound and the Barrier Islands for a productive day on the water.

Lake Pontchartrain fishing is still hot. May is considered to be the most productive month for fishing Lake Borgne. If you're after monster Specks, now is the right time.

June is the month with the most rainfall in the area, but also provides some of the best fishing. Lake Pontchartrain, Lake Borgne, Breton Sound, and Black Bay offer an incredible variety of targets. 
This is the perfect time for some productive Black Bay and Breton Sound fishing. Start with shallow waters in the morning and then move into deep, cooler waters during the day.
In addition to July, this is the best month for exploring Black Bay and Breton Sound. The waters are warm and fishing for Specks and Reds is hot. 
Fall fishing begins and it's all about light tackle and natural bait. This is the best time to target schools of Trout. Fishing for Specks in Shell Beach can be especially fruitful. 
October is the time of the Violet Oyster Festival, as well as some of the best Trout fishing. Redfishing is also great. This is also one of the best times for Lake Borgne angling. 

If you're after Monster Reds, hit the waters of Biloxi Marsh and you won't regret it for a second. Black Drum can get gigantic there this time of the year, too.

Apart from November, this is the best time to go after giant Redfish in Biloxi Marsh. You can also catch Sheepshead, Trout, and Black Drum on Lake Borgne in December.

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Make sure you bring a big ice chest, so you can bring all your fish home..

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