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Best Fishing Charters in Dennis

Top Fishing Charters in Dennis

Fishing in Dennis

The Cape Cod area is often described by locals as looking like an arm – and it makes sense that the town of Dennis, MA is located on its bicep. The fishing here is seriously strong, and gives a better workout than any gym routine! Whether you’re chasing huge Stripers, battling Bluefin Tuna, or taking your family on an exciting day adventure, Dennis fishing charters provide a variety of action-packed trips for all skill levels.

What Type of Charter is Right for Me?

Bass Fishing in the Bay

Located on the north side of Cape Cod’s peninsula, Dennis offers direct access to Cape Cod Bay. You’ll find a variety of species on offer, with the most plentiful months being from the beginning of May until the end of September. There’s one in particular that stands out as the Bay’s superstar– Striped Bass! 
Referred to locally as “Striper,” this fish fights hard, makes for great eating, and can be found just miles from Dennis’s shoreline. All in all, it’s a winning combination! Newer anglers can opt for a half day adventure and still hook some tasty table fare, whereas more experienced fishermen can chase this feisty species from dawn until dusk. Captains will often have you hooking Bluefish, huge Fluke, Tautog, Black Seabass, Porgy, and Little Tunny, too.

Battle Tuna (and More!) Offshore

If you’re more of a big game fisherman looking for bragging rights, make sure you come prepared for battle. Head 30 miles out onto the Atlantic from Dennis’s shoreline, and you’ll soon be in Bluefin Tuna waters.
Striper may be the superstars of the Bay, but when it comes to offshore waters, Bluefin Tuna wins this title. Usually arriving in early June and departing in the late fall, this fish is the perfect opponent for experienced anglers wanting to test their skills. Luckily, you’ll find plenty of charters in Dennis offering specialist trips!
These offshore waters are also home to some seriously notorious sea creatures. Mako and Blue Shark species can be found lurking in the Atlantic, and provide plenty of exciting angling action in the summer and fall months. 

What to Bring

The majority of Dennis fishing charters will make sure you have everything you need for a productive time on the water, including fishing gear, tackle, bait, and a license. If you’re heading out to battle Bluefin Tuna, make sure you discuss local regulations with your captain. Bring along:
  • Snacks and drinks. Water and ice are usually provided.
  • Weather-appropriate clothing. Bring a jacket even in the summer, as it gets very windy on the water!
  • Tips for your first mate. This is usually around 15% of the trip price.
If you’re looking for an angling adventure that’s jam-packed with plenty of action and doesn’t compromise when it comes to fun, Dennis offers up a huge wealth of options. Whether you’re an experienced angler, or can’t wait to get to grips with some incredible fishing for the first time, come flex your skills along the arm of Cape Cod!
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Dennis Fishing Seasons

Winters are seriously cold here, and most charters are out of the water, undergoing maintenance. However, you’ll find some local, experienced anglers hitting up reliable Striper hotspots during the “January thaw!”

Everything angling-related remains quiet during February, with most charters preparing for the arrival of the first spring Striper in March. Hardcore anglers can brave the cold for the chance to hook Winter Fluke.

March signals the arrival of Dennis’s fishing season, with charters heading out onto the Bay to explore popular spots for Striper “holdovers” – small variations of this species that didn’t migrate.

April is often heralded as the true start of the season, and you’ll find a huge wealth of charters heading out onto the Bay to chase Striper. Tautog start to appear in the shallows, and the end of the month brings Bluefish.

Dennis’s angling opportunities start to seriously pick up – Striped Bass arrive daily, and are joined by Bluefish and Tautog. Towards the end of the month, huge Striper can be found in the Bay.

The fishing season is in full swing, and the bay is bustling with a variety of species. Vsit now if you’re looking to chase cow Stripers. Offshore, it’s time for battle – by mid-June, the waters are rife with Bluefin Tuna!

Inshore, there’s Doormat Fluke, Striper, Bluefish, Tautog...the list goes on! Offshore, Bluefin Tuna put up an impressive fight, as well as Blue and Mako Sharks. There’s a reason why many anglers flock to Dennis in July!

The superstar of these waters, Striped Bass, provides plenty of angling action in August. You'll also find have the chance to hook Dennis’s two blues – Bluefin Tuna are abundant offshore, and there's Bluefish inshore!

As fall starts to settle in, offshore fishing is at its peak, with many anglers heading out to hook gigantic Bluefin Tuna. Shark species can also be found. Inshore, it’s all about Striper, Bluefish, and Fluke.

Bluefin Tuna fishing remains seriously strong in October, especially for the first two weeks of the month. Closer to shore, Stripers are still bustling in the Bay, and you’ll also find plenty of Tautog and Fluke.

Even with the arrival of winter, you’ll still find some fishing to be had in Dennis. Just make sure you’re prepared for the weather! Target “holdover” Striper in the Bay, or get ready to battle the last of the Bluefin Tuna offshore.

December sees the fishing season winding down, as temperatures fall and fish start to migrate. If you want to experience some winter action in the area, some charters will be out on the Bay, hunting for “holdover” Striper.

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What People Are Saying About Dennis

"Second Trip"

Larry V. fished with Grey Dolphin Sportfishing Charters on August 1, 2019

Book with Grey Dolphin Charters. They’ll take care of you

"Epic Fishing with Cape Cod Offshore "

Beth S. fished with Cape Cod Offshore on July 2, 2019

Quantity of fish , weather and Cape Cod Bay is stunning !

"1/2 day trip family with young kids"

Jason K. fished with Grey Dolphin Sportfishing Charters on June 12, 2019

Fishing can be hot or cold this month, just try trust your Captain.

"Half day trip with Captain John "

Sherry P. fished with Grey Dolphin Sportfishing Charters on June 5, 2019

Although the weather beat us up quite a bit the fishing was worth it! Captain John was very professional and knowledgeable. He put our safety and comfort as priority. The Kate Jim was patient as well as knowledgeable for this first time striper angler. I had a ball fishing with these guys! You will too if you book with the Grey Dolphin Sportsfishing Charter. The marina was easily located and there was ample parking.

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Top Targeted Species in Dennis

Bass (Striped)

Bass (Striped)



Tuna (Bluefin)

Tuna (Bluefin)



Shark (Porbeagle)

Shark (Porbeagle)

Shark (Blue)

Shark (Blue)

Seabass (Black)

Seabass (Black)

Shark (Mako)

Shark (Mako)

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