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Fishing in Hillsboro Inlet

Located at the crossroads of the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic, Hillsboro Inlet is in the perfect location to get you to a range of fishing grounds. Take advantage of the shallow inshore waters, or head out to the Gulf Stream and battle it out with some monster fish. Whatever you want, you have it when fishing in Hillsboro Inlet.

What to Expect

You can find something catering to all kinds of anglers when booking a charter in Hillsboro Inlet. Beginners can take advantage of the rich inshore waters to learn the best casting techniques as you bottom fish, while pros will relish the chance to go up against some of the ocean’s biggest and strongest fish. 
Trips last from anywhere between four hours and a few days offshore, so make sure you know what your sea legs can handle. The beauty of fishing here is that you can reach the deep waters within half a day, so there’s never any need to miss out on the deepwater action. 
Your experience will differ depending on where you cast your line. Any offshore trip will see you fishing from a spacious, sturdy vessel, but you should check when it comes to the shallows. You may come across some smaller boats taking you inshore. While better for getting you to the skinny waters, these boats may not have all the facilities you’d have aboard a bigger boat, so bear this in mind – especially if you’re bringing kids. 

What Fish Can I Catch?

Wherever you go fishing, there’s a range of exciting and delicious fish calling out your name. Get ready for a fulfilling day out on the water, as you put your fishing skills to the test, all the while filling the boat with something tasty to take home. 
Bottom fish the shallow inshore waters, and you’ll get to see why Florida is world-renowned for its fishing. Lane, Mangrove, Vermilion, and Yellowtail Snappers hide among the Jacks, Pompano, Permit, and Drums to test your skills. Meanwhile, Hammerhead Sharks, Snook, and Tarpon will give you the chance to land a trophy catch.
On an offshore trip, it’s all about big game fishing. Huge fish will push your strength to the limit, with Blue and White Marlin even leaping out of the water to get off your line. Blackfin Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, and Sailfish won’t give up without a fight, either. So settle in for a thrilling day, in the hope of grabbing those bragging rights. 
In the heart of the Atlantic, you’ll even have the chance to deep drop for some of the ocean’s tastiest fish. Spearfish and Tilefish love the bottom of the ocean, so get ready to haul them up for incredible rewards.

How to Prepare

Your Hillsboro Inlet fishing charter will be run by a professional, experienced guide and they’ll make sure that you have everything you need for a productive day out. With all rods and reels and plenty of lures or bait provided, all the gear is covered, so get ready to catch some fish. 
Most captains offer complimentary water to keep you refreshed. All you’ll need to do, then, is to bring some snacks and any other drinks you want aboard, and settle in for an exciting day out. 
Hillsboro Inlet
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Hillsboro Inlet Fishing Seasons

Eastern Florida attracts plenty of fish year-round, so come and start the year as you mean to go on. Amberjack, Groupers, and Kingfish can be found offshore, with plenty of Snappers, Pompano, and Drum inshore.
Fishing in February is one of Hillsboro Inlet’s best-kept secrets. You’ll wonder to yourself where all the tourists are, as you have the pick of the fishing to yourself whether it’s in the shallows or the deep waters.
There’s an offshore awakening come spring, with Cobia, Barracuda, and Sailfish joining the deepwater party. Target these beauties along with Groupers nearer the shore for a thrilling fishing experience.
You’ll feel the season starting to heat up as more and more fish make their way into the bay and along the Gulf Stream. Hit up Pompano Beach’s Seafood Festival after a day on the water to let the joy live on. 
It’s no wonder that the “Saltwater Shootout” is in May as peak season kicks in. Monstrous Marlin, Mahi Mahi, and Cobia are in abundance offshore, with Redfish, Groupers, and Snappers populating the shallows.
You’ll face a real dilemma come June as Tarpon, Snook, and Sharks are at their hottest in the inshore waters, while the offshore fun continues. Wherever you go, you’ll see why anglers flock to Hillsboro Inlet in June.
The fishing is at its hottest with the offshore waters offering plenty of options, and the shallows overflowing with delicious fish. Get whatever you want out of your fishing excursion – just don’t forget the sunscreen!
Make the most of summer before it’s too late and get out on the deep waters offshore. Head out to the Gulf Stream and get your hands on delicious Tuna, Swordfish, Mahi Mahi, and many more prized fish.
It may be back to school for the kids, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get out on the water. The fish are still aplenty both inshore and offshore, so extend your summer into fall and fill the boat with plenty of fish.
Nearshore is the place to be come October, with the waters getting choppy offshore and plenty of exciting fish populating the reefs. Go after Cobia, Barracuda, Amberjack, and more to get your fishing fix.
Attention shifts inshore as the season draws to a close, with plenty of prized, delicious creatures making their way back to the shallows. Redfish, Pompano, and numerous Snappers are up for grabs, so get your fish on!
End the year in style with a fishing trip out of Hillsboro Inlet in December. Kingfish, Black Drum, Amberjack, and Snappers roam the waters freely, giving you the chance to take something tasty home for the holidays.

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Reviews of Fishing in Hillsboro Inlet

8 hr trip with benny's book a mate
Jamie L. fished with Benny's Book a Mate&Fishing Charter on July 17, 2019
If your fishing for the first time in pompano, book a trip with benny's book a mate charters!!! Well worth the $$$$
Half day trip with Benny
Michael K. fished with Benny's Book a Mate&Fishing Charter on July 6, 2019
Yes, Seemed to be boats in the area all fishing Unfortunately due to sea sickness by two of my party we had to go in early.
Family Oriented Captain
Joe K. fished with Just Right Charters on July 5, 2019
Love looking at the homes while on the boat. The fishing is great, and the home sightseeing was also fun.
Half day trip with Benny
Grant R. fished with Benny's Book a Mate&Fishing Charter on June 28, 2019
I would recommend giving Benny at Benny’s book a mate charter. He will do anything he can to make sure you catch some fish
Fun, fun, fun
Marilyn S. fished with Benny's Book a Mate&Fishing Charter on June 20, 2019
Don't forget to bring some snacks. Have a great time!
Half day charter
Richard S. fished with Fishing Guide Capt Tom Hinterschied on June 15, 2019
Check out the fishing fleet ahead of time to see what's being caught. Fish for what's biting now and you won't be disappointed.
Great Experience
Qian X. fished with Fishing Guide Capt Tom Hinterschied on May 12, 2019
Don't eat too much before the trip. Motion sickness will get you easier.
Amazing trip with these Guys!
Tim E. fished with Reel Bandit Characters on April 13, 2019
Beginner or avid fisherman. Young or old. Family friendly. You don't have to go out far to catch great fish. Which gives you more time of actual fishing. Love this place!

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