Snapper (Pink) Fishing in Melbourne Victoria

Snapper (Pink) Fishing in Melbourne Victoria

Melbourne is excellently located in terms of targeting the great eating and fighting Snapper. These fish make the Port Phillip Bay their annual feeding and spawning grounds and can be seen here in schools of thousands.

Come September, Snapper start showing up around the Bass Strait reefs between Torquay and Sorrento, to move deeper into the bay in October and incur some excellent fishing through December. Some say that the best and heaviest fish (up to 10kg) are caught right here.

During the season, most operators will run 2-3 half day charters daily, with individual tickets available. One such excellent option is the Fish On Charters; if you prefer chartering a whole boat, the Pro Red Fishing Charters should be your choice.

Snapper (Pink) fishing in Melbourne Victoria varies moderately throughout the year. High season is October to December. Low season is March to August. There is no closed season.
Fishing Techniques:

Snapper (Pink) Fishing Charters in Melbourne Victoria