Airlie Beach Reef Fishing Charters

Airlie Beach Reef Fishing Charters

Best Reef Fishing Charters in Airlie Beach

Reef Fishing in Airlie Beach

To put it simply, Airlie Beach reef fishing is colorful and packed with fish. And like most of Australia’s fisheries, the fish somehow seem bigger than elsewhere. Facing the Whitsunday Islands, and with a quick access to the Great Barrier Reef, there is much anglers can enjoy here. Most charters offer half or full day trips to the local reefs simply teeming with fish.

What to catch around the reefs

With all the fish out there, we’ve had a hard time figuring out what to put first. The reefs attract schools of Coral Trout, Sweetlip, Red Emperor, Snapper, and Giant Trevally. To begin with, that is. If you’re coming onboard for the first time, these fish will be something to boast about. They are big, they are fun to catch, and they are cute. Well, most of them are.

We all know it, but don’t want to jinx it by saying it out loud. Yes, we’d all like to catch a ‘grander’ Black Marlin around these reefs. Fishing for these beasts is any hardcore angler’s dream, and here, you can do it almost as much as you desire. A full day trip should be enough when the season peaks—and the local records confirm it. If you’re on vacation, you’ll still have the time for many other summer activities.

To do justice to other fish around here—yes, you should try fishing for Giant Trevally, Sailfish, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, and Tuna.

Now, how to do it? Well, fishing around reefs is productive. You can go trolling for the likes of GTs, Mackerels, Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi. Of course, any Billfish as well. Trolling is great—you’re soaking up the sun, listening to the rhythmic drumming of the waves—and bam!—the drag starts screaming, and the chase begins. Most of the local captains will try lure trolling, trolling and switching, using live or dead bait. For a bit more of the local flavor—do try using poppers. Marlin often flock to the sound.

Then again, bottom fishing can be really rich. Snapper, Red Emperor, Coral Trout—they are tasty, shiny, and like going at the bait. Book a bottom fishing charter and these reefs will reward you.

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Afternoon half day trip on 18 Sep.
Yuk Yee Helen Leung fished with Whitsunday Fishing—Reel Deal on September 18, 2019
Everything ready onboarding, friendly crew and beautiful scenery.
Half day trip with Adam and the legendary skipper!
Alex M. fished with Airlie Beach Fishing Charters on June 30, 2019
A little bit windy but the weather was gorgeous. Sunny and clear.
Afternoon half day trip
Ross L. fished with Airlie Beach Fishing Charters on April 14, 2019
Get out on Airlie Beach Fishing Charters! Just Sensational!
Half Day trip with Ollie
Avril R. fished with A-One Fishing Charters on July 31, 2018
Go with someone who knows the waters and the area well.
Half day trip with olly
Craig Y. fished with A-One Fishing Charters on July 20, 2018
Don't expect to drop the line and be on the fish straight away! If it happens count yourself lucky!
Fishing with Oliver
Tracy V. E. fished with A-One Fishing Charters on May 9, 2018
Don’t waste your time fishing off the bank go with A one if really want to catch a feed you won’t be disappointed
Sonya R. fished with A-One Fishing Charters on December 4, 2017
Wear your sunscreen lol and prepare for a great day out
Half day trip with captain Mike
Cabbie H. fished with Airlie Beach Fishing Charters on June 23, 2017
Definitely have good mood and ready to catch big one.

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