What would you recommend to anglers fishing in Mazatlán, Sinaloa for the first time?

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David Thueson
Idaho Falls, ID
Went fishing with Bibi Fleet – 40’ Paty C on November 22, 2022
We did the inshore fishing which is fun because it's very hands on fishing and we caught several different species. We were not able to keep the fish as the cruise ship doesn't allow it back on and we didn't have time to do a cook your catch, which we would of done had we had the time. The crew was very appreciative of the fish and its good to know they will use it.

Cameron Way
Langdon, AB
Went fishing with Aqua Sports – 28' Super Panga on February 8, 2022
Had an awesome day fishing. Captain and deck hand were great, knew what they were doing and very friendly and attentive. Only thing that could have been better was a couple pieces of equipment could have been newer/in better shape. Overall I would highly recommend this charter, and more than likely book with them again on our next visit

Harold Rattai
Chestermere, Alberta
Went fishing with Pepe's Fleet - 28' Sport Panga on April 16, 2019
Bring some extra food for yourself especially if you are a big eater. This is a long time to be out on the water if you get hungry. Also confirm the amount of time out on the water and expected time to be at the dock. I thought that we had enough time for some bottom fishing like an hour or so as we had a late start and came back early. Our 8 hour trip was only around 6 hours. Also if you catch a fish get some clarity before you leave as we where told that you can take the fish to a restaurant for them to cook for you or back to your resort. I caught a marlin and we came back with it whole and we didnt leave with it.

Richard Holcombe
San Francisco, California
Went fishing with Pepe's Fleet - 28' Sport Panga on March 19, 2019
Ask locals what fish you are most likely to catch the time of year you go. Take extra clothes for warmth and sun protection because it can go from cold to hot very quickly and some boats have no place to get out of the sun.

Paul Reishus
Prairie Center, WY
Went fishing with Star Fleet Sport Fishing - Stella on July 29, 2022
When the bites hot it’s hot and when it’s not, it’s definitely not! Was hoping for a marlin but no such luck.

Ethan Smith
Riverton, Utah
Went fishing with Bibi Fleet – 26’ Mahi Dreamer on June 18, 2019
Bring Dramamine and sunscreen, and it is not a guaranty that you will catch fish.

James White
Oceanside, CA
Went fishing with Pepe's Fleet - 28' Panga on June 7, 2019
Fishing in June is hit and miss, next time we will be back in October - November.

Aaron Bendickson
Guadalajara, JAL
Went fishing with Aqua Sports – 36' Sport Yacht on March 25, 2019
March is late in the fishing season, I've had much better luck in November, December.