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Seabass And Scup

June 02, 2018

Stuffed coolers! The boys definitely filled up the freezer! Read Full Report →

Another Big Crew and Another BIG Day!

June 01, 2018

We had a 12 man group, another great time running trips with our partners. Fishing was insane! Read Full Report →

18 Man Charter

May 26, 2018

18 man group that booked us solid for the weekend! Great crew, and TONS of fish caught. Read Full Report →

Great Corperate Trip We Took Out

May 25, 2018

What a way to connect your employees for a corporate trip! Beautiful day catching seabass with these guys! Read Full Report →

Seabass Opener

May 19, 2018

Fantastic day with our regulars! Limits of black seabass and striper. Always enjoy fishing with this crew! Fishing is heating up!!! Read Full Report →


May 17, 2018

Great tautog trip! Limited out in an hour and then a bucket of scup to top it off. Read Full Report →

Another Great Day Squid Fishing

May 07, 2018

Crazy squid fishing! This fisherie ONLY last for about a WEEK or so, if you’re interested in a trip. Jump on it QUICK. Read Full Report →

Squid Fishing Outstanding

May 06, 2018

Happy client getting well over a bucket for himself! Fresh calamari on the menu! Read Full Report →

Great Haddock Fishing

May 05, 2018

Haddock fishing has been excellent, non stop action all day! Along with some nice Cod to catch&release Read Full Report →


May 29, 2017

Great striper fishing with this group! With a 6 man limit and releasing multiple other fish all morning. Book a trip!! Read Full Report →


May 13, 2017

Tautog fishing was outstanding! Stripers are moving in and the scup fishing is getting good. Things are taking shape, get out and fish with us! Read Full Report →

Haddock, Scup/Tautog Fishing!

April 25, 2017

As things start to warm up, we are taking bookings for Haddock and Scup/Tautog trips! Haddock fishing has been nothing short of amazing. Book a trip with us to fill your freezer! Read Full Report →


July 08, 2016

Despite the rain, fog, and wind the fish still bit! Fish after fish the whole trip, the crew battled the weather and it paid off for them! Read Full Report →

Striper Fishing Still Hot!

June 28, 2016

Striper fishing continues to be great! We had fish on the surface a couple times in a feeding frenzy. Couldnt keep them off the line! Read Full Report →

BIG Stripers Caught All Day

June 23, 2016

Leaving the harbor before the sun was up to get to the fishing grounds for sunrise was worth it! We had beautiful weather and before you know it we were catching real nice stripers in the 32-40" range! Great… Read Full Report →


June 16, 2016

Fluke fishing was great! One after another all day long, perfect for the customers dinner! Great trip. Read Full Report →

Seabass and Scup

June 06, 2016

Another great day seabass and scup fishing. Big seabass the whole trip and some nice scup! Fishing is red hot! Read Full Report →

First Tuna Trip

June 04, 2016

Leaving the dock right as daylight broke put us on the tuna grounds in perfect time! We found a bunch of whales and bait fish on the surface and we were all by ourselves so we didnt compete with… Read Full Report →

Great Seabass and Scup fishing!

June 01, 2016

We had a half day seabass and scup trip today with a group of 6 from Brooklyn, NY. Great people with great fishing! We caught the limit of seabass and filled the cooler with jumbo scup. Also saw some… Read Full Report →

Great Time to Fish!

July 19, 2015

Fishing has been excellent! Tuna fishing is red hot with BIG fish and striper fishing is good! We have been catching a lot of big fish this year, come join us! Read Full Report →