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Great Quality Reds On My Secret Spot Hal

March 31, 2018

Yesterday's party saw great quality reds in just three hours on their first ever ocean trip! Thanks guys! Read Full Report →

Baby mako for the kids!

August 20, 2017

Seems like every kid that gets on the boat always asks the same question, "Do you think we'll get to see a shark today"? These kids got lucky and the stars lined up! Of course she was released. Read Full Report →

Tearing up the yellowfin!!

August 19, 2017

Found a pod of dolphins teaming with yellowfin and blue fin tuna. Read Full Report →

Offshore Fishing Is Heating Up....Killer

August 01, 2017

I had a repeat client yesterday for his 3rd time fishing with me. He just got back from a solo fishing trip to Panama catching his personal best marlin. (800# black marlin) I took a chance and got away… Read Full Report →

Good quality bass on the FINRUNNER

March 23, 2016

Fun trip down to the border of Mexico this morning with a crew from Missouri. We set out looking for rockfish, bass, and yellowtail at 0600 in 4-5 foot swells, winds at 15-17 knots just south of Point Loma.… Read Full Report →