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June 1, 2020
I was able to get out this week to do some Fishing in Biscayne Bay for Bonefish and Permit. The weather has been tough as of late with record rain fall in South Florida I saw a break in the weather and called my local Clients and was able to Book a day and what a day it was. We began fishing at Dawn as the sun rose the fishing was slow as first spot had lots of fresh water that plagued the bay after being drained from the canals that connect to Miami. So we made a move looking for saltier water stopping at a few spots literally tasting the water as soon as we found some salinity in the water we immediately found life on the flats. We encountered a small group of Bonefish made a cast and got a bite but couldn't keep it on! About 15 minutes later we saw a school of Permit and decided to throw a live crab that we had ready but they were on the small side and couldn't eat our crab even though he was feeling the thumps from the fish we quickly grabbed the jig rod and made a cast and hooked up! As we were playing the Permit a Shark moved in and we had to free spool the fish in order to give it a fighting chance since we couldn't pop it off but the Shark took a big bite of the fish and the fight was over. The sun was finally in a good position in the sky and with light winds we decided to do some Fly fishing for Bonefish. The tide was getting right and with good visibility I knew that it was going to get right at some point. We began poling a small flat on a Mangrove shoreline and within ten minutes we hooked up to a nice Biscayne Bay Bonefish on fly. After a quick picture and release we began poling the edge again I spotted another school of Bonefish out of the corner of my eye and we made a quick cast and hooked up again! Now with two Bonefish landed I even got to join in on the action. There were lots of fish on this flat and we were able to line up another shot at a school he hooked up and I second bat up from the platform and we doubled up! We decided to make a move to an adjacent flat closer to a channel and look for more fish as the water level fell about 20 minutes in we spotted a small group of fish and with a properly placed fly we were back to the races. The fishing is as Hot as the temperatures in South Florida if your Looking for a Miami Fishing Guide while on Vacation or just want to go fishing Book a trip! The Florida Keys are open for Business as of June 1st and I am looking forward to getting back to work and spending time with Clients Old and and New on my skiff
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