Placencia Fishing Reports

Day of Discovery

March 24, 2015 by Erwin Westby

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It’s a sunny and wonderful day here on the waters of Belize. Captain Martin Westby, tagging along with him is his nephew Darnell Leslie, a junior angler here at HFC. Today the guest is a man who spends his nights dreaming about fishing and most of it actually fishing. Henry Becht our guest of honor is a man who fishes daily back in his home of Canada and is always up for a challenge using light tackle to land huge fish. The captain took him down to the Monkey River where many snooks, barracudas and tarpon call home. Henry is a man who spends a lot of time fishing but the type of fishing here is different it’s a lot of direct casting and so you must hone your skills and be precise, aiming for a spot under rivers edge with overhung mangroves. Martin a patient and helpful guide steered Henry with his wisdom into making wonderful casts that brought him a day of discovery as he learnt to fish the Belizean way.

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