Hardcore Fishing Charters- 23 ft Fishing Reports

Tarpon Time!

May 30, 2015

When it comes tarpon time at HFC the man on the front lines is none other than Frank Raffa. Back at it again for another round, the weather conditions had been unfavorable for several days and Franks tarpon senses… Read Full Report →

Shawn Frost

May 28, 2015

This HFC story involves two people, two very adventurous people who both have been many places and seen many things, but one thing they haven’t done was see the world through the eyes of Hardcore Fishing. Mr. and Mrs.… Read Full Report →

The Thrill is not the Kill

May 08, 2015

Captain Edlin along with Junior Angler Darnell once again took Mr. Frank Raffa on a trip for tarpon. They had a wonderful day, as the sun was shining brightly and the winds were perfect to cool off your skin… Read Full Report →

Tarpon Caye

April 07, 2015

Its tarpon time once again at hardcore, Frank Raffa the tarpon king and his trustworthy captain Edlin Leslie. Seas were a bit choppy today as the guys made their way out to the islands where these fish call home,… Read Full Report →

Day of Discovery

March 24, 2015

It’s a sunny and wonderful day here on the waters of Belize. Captain Martin Westby, tagging along with him is his nephew Darnell Leslie, a junior angler here at HFC. Today the guest is a man who spends his… Read Full Report →