Placencia Fishing Reports

Tarpon Caye

April 07, 2015 by Erwin Westby

Trip Info


Its tarpon time once again at hardcore, Frank Raffa the tarpon king and his trustworthy captain Edlin Leslie. Seas were a bit choppy today as the guys made their way out to the islands where these fish call home, but the captain took his time getting there, there’s no need to rush the fish aren’t going anywhere. First stop was at Long Caye, where quite a few fish were sighted but they weren’t feeding and so not much luck was found there. The guys then made their way to Tarpon Caye the famous home of tarpon, getting hits wasn’t the problem once they arrived here, it was keeping them on the line that was, the guys managed to land two wonderful fish that day. Lost a few and caught two, that’s fishing for ‘ya’.

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