In the surf for Kingies

May 31, 2015 by Frank Breakell

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Hit the beach in Sea Isle again today. Have I mentioned I have an addiction? It’s a good one though. I met up with John Jones, his son Jimmy, and his girlfriend. We got bloodies at Boulevard and hit the beach. There were a few others there already trying for kingies too.
We loaded up our rods with Brown Dog Bomb kingfish rigs, bits of blood worm, and cast out. It was a bit foggy, but the wind was down to a low roar. The tide was outgoing. We got into the kingies right off the bat. One after another came in on the rigs. It wasn’t as fast and furious as yesterday, but we had a nice pick. We also landed a few croakers, a blowfish, and a nice weakie.
We tried a few kingfish heads for a potential passing striper, but only for d large doggies. We ended up with 30 or so kingies for table fare, and a tasty weakie. John cranked the weakie in on my rod thinking it was a doggie attack. It was an nice, though unexpected surprise.
A fun morning well spent. We ended our outing at Yvette’s Cafe in Stone Harbor for excellent sandwiches after cleaning our catch. Hopefully the wind cuts out soon and I can get after some weakies by boat, and some flatties…
Tight Lines!

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