Overcoming BANANAS!

November 18, 2017 by Hank Valencia

Trip Info


Took a nice family from Georgia out last weekend and found some cooperative fish. Among other species, we landed some nice Snapper and quality Kingfish. We also hooked some big Red and Gag Grouper, which got the better of us. Even though we still ended up with plenty of filets, losing all the grouper was frustrating UNTIL I returned home and got the boat ready for the next trip. Under the front seat storage, I found a….wait for it….BANANA PEEL. One of the guests ate it before hopping on board and said he just tossed the peel under the seat. I guess, since he didn’t actually eat it in the boat, we only had “half bad luck” and still caught some good stuff. Remember guys and girls - NO BANANAS, on boats. Look it up, it’s real ;)

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