Late Season Tarpon Fishing
June 20, 2015 Big Pine Key 3 photos

Trip Summary

June is that time of year when the Tarpon migration starts moving on but there are still Tarpon still around. Best times to fish tarpon are in the mornings this time of year. On my last charter, we landed 4 Tarpon, hooked 2 more, landed a nice 10lb snook, a 20" gag grouper, and a Big Jack Crevelle which turned out to be a solid 3/4 day trip out on the water. Along with that, we had a good shot at 2 decent size permit crusing down on the edge of the flat. Of coarse those two permit were spooky and the rest was history.
Robert Horachek
Big-pine-key, Florida, United States
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Guides day off
Guides day off
June 25, 2020
I had the oppurtunity to fish with my buddy Eric which led to a great day on the water. We were able to get numerous shots at Bonefish, Permit, and some Juvenile Tarpon while fly fishiing in a 20 mph windy day. With that said, there were challages that we overcame while catching a couple of bones and one Juvenile Tarpon. We made some really good presentations at fish that didn’t a take or draw interest which made us change flies a few times before we figured out the formula. Some of the biggest and sucessful highlight of the trip lead to 3 shots at Permit. Shot number 1 was on our first spot at the middle half of the outgoing tide brought us an epic shot at Permit in super shallow water in the 20lb range. With the boat angled in the right direction we were able to get 3 cast at that fish. The last may have look as if the Permit Tailed on the fly, but didn’t tight. After getting a couple of shots at some bones, it was time to make a change before we approach several muds off in the distance. I ended up choosing the right fly and landed a Bonefish shortly after. I ponder and regretted that I should of change before the 1st shot at the tailing Permit. The next spot, bought us plenty of Bonefish shots as there were quite a few times where the fish should have taken the fly. Eric landed a nice Bonefish shortly after several shots were taken. After that, it was low tide as we decided to take a break for lunch. We talk a figured out what the next spot was going to be as it seemed promising according to trend of the tides and weather. We ran out to the gulf edge and set our selves up on and early incoming tide. I got up on the bow casually as I was rehydrating with cold H2O. Then as I was stripping out line Eric called out a school of Permit at 1 o’clock 50ft. I made sure that my line one the deck was good and quickly figured out which side to cast off of. By the time I was starting my presentation a cloud cover the sun on us which made it feel like someone had turned off a light switch in a bedroom. Shortly after, we have a couple of shot at some more Bonefish as the transitional bottom made it a little difficult in spotting the fish. After that spot we may our way to an interior spot where we found some good bonefish muds and one Permit that gave is no chance at a shot. As we approach some of the muds, we staird for sometime trying to spot fish. I made some good blind cast into the spots where i figure the fish may be. Unfortunaly, no takes. About the time we got too close, a school 30 fish shot out from the Mud and headed for deeper water. We decided to push inside as we ended up capping the the day with a nice 20lb Tarpon on fly. The Tarpon itself gave us a nice show as fish came out of water a few also making another Tarpon come out of the and doing a mirror image summersalt simultaneously. So this concludes the fishing report of the day. My goal with this report was trying to provide a visual experience on how the fishing is right now in the lower keys backcountry and flats area.
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