College reunion fishing trip!
June 24, 2015 Tampa 4 photos

Trip Summary

Got a call from a customer who was meeting a few old college friends in Tampa for a bit of a reunion. They wanted to start they trip off with a fishing trip. They wanted to catch species they could eat and were fun to catch. We decided to start our trip targeting mackerel, they are a blast to catch and great to eat when fresh. We arrived at the spot and the first bait in the water was immediately eaten by a nice mackerel! I knew right then that it was going to be a great day. Over the next few hours we caught lots of mackerel, shark's, jack's and even a nice Cobia. With about an hour left in our trip we decided to make one move and target trout and snook. We arrive at the next stop and again immediately start catching, this time nice slot sized trout. We end up landing around 10 slot trout and even a couple mid 20's snook. We took a quick ride back to the dock and got the guy's on their way with some nice mackerel and trout fillets!
Michael S. Murray
Tampa, Florida, United States
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