What a wahoo!
July 19, 2015 Orange Beach 3 photos

Trip Summary

Took a crew from La. out on Sunday morning for a fun trip to just get on the water and enjoy some R&R. It was a celebration for on of the crews engagement to get married. Just trolling out turned out to be the trip to remember. We trolled out towards the local reef where we were to fish and low and behold one of the big trolling baits began to scream line off the reel and a battle insued! After a lengthy fight we were able to bring to gaff a 70# Wahoo! This fish was caught about 10 miles out from our pass! Not a common event although it does happen! Goes to show.....keep those lines in the water....you never know! Thanks guys and congrats on a great catch! Captain Cuz
Albert L Stinson
Orange-beach, Alabama, United States
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