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Miami Bonefish

July 24, 2015 by Mo Estevez

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Scott boarded my skiff this morning before boarding a plane back home to GA this afternoon and the conditions were good for bonefishing so off we went. It took a few flats before we found them but when we did they were all over the place! School after school came through and Scott had a number of shots at schools of bonefish. One school moves in and he makes a good cast, lets it sit, feels the take and the rod doubles over! Just for an instant though and the bonefish was gone the hook never having caught. No worries, another school moves in, Scott makes another good cast, I see the school of bones move over his bait and I tell him to wait. Suddenly he tells me “he took it!”, Scott reels up and the bonefish is on his way to making a fast bonefish run. We got the release and some pics and ended the trip casting to a few more schools. I love summer!

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