Goliath Grouper
August 26, 2015 Stuart 4 photos

Trip Summary

We headed out early in the morning specifically to target this beautiful fish, which means it's time to bring out the heavy tackle. These are big fish and you cannot target them with anything less; the fish will end up taking your line and rigs straight into the wreck. Our tackle consisted of a Penn International 80 reel, matching rod with 100lb monofilament, five feet of 200lb mono and a tuna hook. For bait you can either use a large Bonita or Barracuda head (fresh is preferred). Our trip took us to one of the shallow (50 to 60 ft. depth) artificial reefs just off St. Lucie inlet. Once we located the wreck we dropped the bait in the water (no weight) and slowly let line out; about 40 ft. ensuring not to get too close to the wreck but just above it. The reason being, once they hit the bait their instinct is to go right back into the wreck and you cannot let this happen. Now comes the fun part...once we see the rod bent over we put the boat in gear and with the rod in it's holder we dragged the fish away from the wreck and then we crank on the reel using your left hand to assist in pulling the line in, just like the guys on Wicked Tuna!
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