Big reds in calm waters
August 26, 2015 Venice 6 photos

Trip Summary

Gary and Mike from Texas fishing Big Redfish in calm waters with us. Strong NE wind, first cool front of the year and Bull reds are on fire. Then we put it on the young reds with a light falling tide. Day 1 complete, day 2 was even better. With bets on the table of 20.00 for first, biggest, and most reds caught. 20.00 deductions on hard head catfish. What laughter and yelling. 20 bucks was owed at the end of this second great trip to Gary.
Chad Rudolph
Venice, Louisiana, United States
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Southern Access Charters offers some of the best inshore fishing trips on the fascinating waters of Venice, Louisiana. Here, the Mississippi River spills out into the Gulf of Mexico, producing diverse and twisting bayous, ponds and rivers that are home to...

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