Sharkfest on the flats

August 28, 2015 by Mo Estevez

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Ken jumped aboard today and while I was excited at the weather report which called for slick calm conditions and the prospect of fishing for permit like we did on Saturday arriving at the marina proved different. It was still dark and the flags were moving pretty good so the breeze just axed our early morning permit aspirations. No fear, a back up plan is always available, we’ll snook fishing instead. Working one of my favorite snook shorelines Ken tosses the top water lure against the shoreline and starts to work it back. Just a few feet away from the shoreline it gets slammed by a nice snook, it jumps and makes a run for the mangroves. Stopping him short the snook starts to come to the boat and right at the boat it spits the hook. Ouch! We had a few more snook strikes but the action quieted as the sun got brighter. Shark fishing was next and they were all over the place, it was common to have 3-4 5’-6’ sharks around the boat. Ken hooked one 5’ plus and landed him a number of long runs later. In the meantime sharks were still all around the boat and one of them got brave and ate the butterflied barracuda we were using for chum right off our bow, 3 feet from the boat! Great, our chum is gone and just like that the chum and the sharks were gone but not before hooking a 4 footer on lighter tackle but it spit the hook. The day ended bonefishing where Ken had several shots at bonefish but they were spookier than usual and would spook before they got over our baits.

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