Bonefish Bonanza!

September 20, 2015 by Mo Estevez

Trip Info

The Catch

Jonathan from VA jumped aboard this morning while still dark and the goal was bones, tarpon, and permit on fly. We set up on a bridge that has been holding tarpon but not today. Spot two produced two snook bites but no tarpon so we were off to go bonefishing and permit fishing. A long run later we arrived at one of my favorite spots under perfect conditions. Immediately there were a few tailing permit but they stayed out of casting distance. Then it got REALLY good! Working an area approximately 100 yards long, the bonefishing was unbelievable with school after school coming in and most of them allowing us to get off casts at them. Jonathan dropped the fly in front of these fish a number times just perfectly, including big tailing bonefish, only to be ignored. Changing flies several times was to no avail. OK, time to using spinning gear! Armed with a spinning rod Jonathan proved to be a sniper and made some solid casts time and again only to be ignored. What’s up with that? Finally after 3 solid hours of constant casting at schools of bones he hooks up and several long runs later lands the prize we had worked so hard for, his first Miami bonefish. Congrats Jonathan, that was well deserved! What an amazing morning! I love my job!

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