Starving Fishes

October 03, 2015 by Dreamboats Portugal

Trip Info


Saturday morning, at 06am all anglers were ready to go,
the forecast was looking amazing, no wind at all, 1 foot swell, and an excited group crazy for big ones!!!
We went for a secret spot that just our captains knew, he had the feeling for that spot not very often used…
And after one hour cruising we arrive in the spot, the sun was just rising on the sea line, we anchor the boat, and after 30 minutes, the first Pargo (sea bream) of 2,5kgs bites the hook, and then the party started, we had few 3kgs, 5 fishes of 4,5 kgs, and a big one of 6kgs, and the day was made, the lunch time come and we grilled one on the boat, tasting this we drink wine together and the day was unforgettable!!

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