Miami snook fishing!

October 18, 2015 by Mo Estevez

Trip Info


Bob is one of the owners of SaltLife and one of my biggest sponsors and him and his buddy climbed aboard for a few hours of fishing. The forecast called for 25 MPH winds but when arriving at the marina the winds were much lighter and my hopes were high. With mullet all around the marina I filled the live well with all the live bait we needed before Bob and Tim even showed up and once they arrived we were off. Slipping into a creek not far from the marina the action started right away with mullet schools being demolished by snook all around us. Bob piked up a nice mangrove snapper right off the bat and not long after he lands his first snook. A few hours later the action died down after losing another 3-5 more snook. The wind started as forecasted and we hit a couple of other spots, one producing hog snapper, mutton snapper and we lost a nice grouper before calling it a day. Congrats Bob!

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