Spring 2019 not over yet

May 31, 2019 by Allen Casal

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The Catch
Bass (Smallmouth)

So far this Spring has been awesome with 12 citation size Smallmouth, 3 citation Walleye and 3 citation Channel Cats. Yes there has been a lot of high water but the Susquehanna is a big river and I have many options to find clear fishable water. To date we have had 3 hot baits,  as always TackleHd Crawfish continues to produce. Fitt Premium lures Bubba Craw and OnTheSpotBaits Swimbaits have produced very well. KeitechUSA Swimbaits are always tied on a rod as they are my “numbers bait” Rapala Brat Square Bill crankbait and Sick Custom Spinnerbaits have each had their moments. DenaliRods have been doing the trick with zero failures and are extremely sensitive. This season they are paired with Lews reels, so far very pleased with Lews they have a smooth drag and manage the line very good. With the spawn out of the way I am expecting summer patterns to set up shortly. So far this year fishing pressure has been extremely light. Mike has been on good Stripers this year and Ryan is ready to handle all my evening charters. So if you wish to experience some World Class Smallmouth Fishing give me a call and book a trip.

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