Mahi MAhi , Wahoos
February 11, 2015 Hollywood 2 photos

Trip Summary

February 11, 2015 Today was Wednesday, or hump day, so we humped the Lady Pamela II well offshore of Fort Lauderdale for some mahi-mahi fishing. We located a big sargassum weedline in 800 feet of water and began to troll. There were plenty of mahi around but we could not get them to bite. We did have success with the wahoo though, boating four really nice fish. One of the other Lady Pamela II boats did well also, boating a big amberjack and a bunch of vermilion snappers. Tight Lines, Capt. David Ide
Lady Pamela 2 Sportfishing
Hollywood, Florida, United States
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Embark on a fishing adventure with Lady Pamela 2 Sportfishing and explore the beautiful waters of Fort Lauderdale! Captain David Ide has spent his whole life fishing, and he’s more than happy to take you around some of the best spots in the area. En...

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Fall Deep Sea Fishing
Fall Deep Sea Fishing
September 24, 2021
While some of you up north are already feeling cooler temperatures, here in south Florida we relish the coming weeks. It might not seem like much but there is a big difference between low 90’s and mid to high 80’s. With the days becoming shorter the ocean waters will also see the temperatures drop. And that begins our fall fishing. As the water cools, small bait fish begin their travel south for the warmer water. Mullet are the most predominant easily seen from the beach or in the canals. Huge schools traveling south and behind them come the fish following the food. Our fishing trend changes from the summer pattern of Kings and Bonito to more of the pelagic type fish. Sailfish become a daily occurrence while trolling as do Tuna and some Mahi. October is usually one of the better months for Wahoo. And all these fish can be had just a few miles from shore here in Fort Lauderdale. This is also a time of year we start switching from trolling to fishing with live bait. While we do and can troll year-round, with cooler water, the surface waters are more conducive to presenting live bait either from the riggers or the kite. Kite fishing has always been a favorite because you often get to see what’s biting your line. Sailfish, Mahi or sharks can easily be seen. Wahoo, Tuna and King are usually too quick, and a splash is all you will get. If you are planning a trip to Fort Lauderdale or Hollywood Beach, consider fishing while you are here. It should be good and you never know… You might just catch that fish of a lifetime. Reservations can be made right on our website. For additional information give us a call or fill out on of our email requests for info.
Fishing is Hot!
Fishing is Hot!
August 22, 2021
The fishing IS hot. So is the weather… But the warm temperatures have not slowed the fishing down. The action has been very good with a surprise out of the blue… Blue Marlin that is, but I’ll get to that in a moment. Just a mile from shore the Bonito (Little Tunny) have been biting well offering us plenty of action. While not great table fare, they fight hard as they are a false Tuna. Often, multiple fish on at the same time. This gets everyone involved and all have a chance to bend the rod. Mixed in with the Bonito are Kingfish and some Blackfin Tuna. Now we are into edible fish. The smaller Kings are good when fresh. The Blackfin Tune is sushi grade so you can’t go wrong. When we say a fresh fish dinner? It’s doesn’t get any better or fresher than that! Mahi- mahi fishing, further from shore, has been inconsistent. The longer the trip, the better chance of success. The fish we have been catching have been legal to keep so that’s a bonus. Usually this time of year, lots of throw backs are what we’re catching. Wahoo have been scarce but should be more predominant soon. September/ October are good months for these. Every once in a while you run into something you don’t expect. This is where opportunity meets preparedness, as was the case the other day with Jimmy, Dan and their group of anglers. While searching for Mahi out in the deep blue, a Blue Marlin decided to eat one of the baits. The fight was on! And it shouldn’t have lasted long but did. We prefer catching these magnificent Gamefish on tackle suited for them. The TLD 30 with 30# test is not the rod you want this bite on. And a fight that lasts over 3 hours on that kind of tackle has you sweating at each run he makes. But when all is said and done? The release at the boat makes it all worthwhile. And the traditional swim after catching your first Blue was honored by Dan, his first one. As I said, it’s been hot so the push into the water was welcome. Not so much in January… Hope to see you soon. Capt. Steve Lady Pamela 2 Fishing **hidden content** **hidden content**
November 14, 2019
FISHING REPORT The Lady Pamela Sportfishing Fleet is in the midst of an amazing Fall bite right now with clients catching Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Kingfish, Bonitos, Barrcuda, Sharks, Snapper, Grouper and even Tarpon! However one offshore species is stealing the spotlight right now: Swordfish! NOW is the time to book your Daytime Swordfish trip to catch these amazing, prehistoric-looking and tasty pelagic monsters! DAYTIME SWORDFISHING! Not too long ago, if you wanted to book a Swordfishing trip, you had to spend all night offshore, fishing 4-6 baits at one time and you were lucky to get a single bite in a night. Recent innovations in tackle and tactics have opened up Daytime Swordfishing to catch Swordfish weighing anywhere from 80 to 500 pounds. As a result, Fort Lauderdale has become one of the world’s premier Swordfishing destinations. Even though “Daytiming” for Swordfish has exploded in popularity, this type of fishing requires a skilled crew and specially-tailored tackle. Fortunately for our clients, Lady Pamela Sportfishing posseses plenty of BOTH. All of our vessels are equipped with the latest electric reels and terminal tackle to help you bring home one of these amazing creatures. When you come Swordfishing with us at Lady Pamela Sportfishing, we’ll set up in 1,800 to 2,000 feet of water, approximately 20 miles offshore. We’ll drop down several rigged baits, typically squid or king mackerel, on specially-rigged terminal tackle attached to electric reels. The strike can be very subtle and you’ll need our skilled crew to know when to start reeling up. Then, you’re on! swordfish What follows is an amazing slugfest that ends with a slashing, bill-wiping display on the surface of the water! This is truly something to behold! What follows is a delicate ballet to harpoon the Swordfish and bring it aboard for the trip back to the dock. There are few fish that are as prized for their table value as Swordfish. They are tasty indeed and you would not believe how much meat can be harvested from a single Swordfish – nothing gets wasted. Check out this video of our latest epic Daytime Swordfishing trip! Call us NOW to book your trip and experience this amazing Swordfish action and check it off of your bucket list! Tight Lines, Captain David