Week of May 17th-May 22nd

May 17, 2020 by Paul Manoogian

Trip Info


Lots of good fishing this week as we head towards the new moon. The fish keep getting bigger and more are starting to show up. Steady snook action with the occasional redfish and lots of mangrove snapper to go around. Also the jacks are in full force as well. Lots of rain as the first of the big storms have started to roll through nothing a good rain jacket and rain pants can’t handle after all the fish are already wet! Great fishing before after and during the rain bouts. During this time of year the weatherman can almost never be trusted so its better to stick with the old adage when in doubt go out lol. Lots of places to hide from wind and storms out in the backcountry so it’s fishable in almost every wind direction and weather pattern.

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