Anniversary Walleye
August 27, 2021 Lakeside Marblehead 3 photos

Trip Summary

Rick and wife Tina are spending their anniversary weekend in the Marblehead area and today they chose to spend their day fishing for Walleye on BlackH2oDog. We left dock a little before sunrise and and headed east of Kellys Island. We set lines and pointing at the rising sun. Bandits and Spros 80 to 110 back with 2 oz. TruTrip 50 with Ripplin Redfins 45 back. Dipsey 3 setting 36 back with Ripplin Redfins. Once we had their limit, we changed things up and added in Northland Butterfly Blades worm harnesses on TruTrip 50s. Mag 44s 90 back 2 oz. Bandits and Spros 65 back 2 oz. Then I got to reel six and then we caught and released about a dozen more. Speed was 2.7 to as low as 2.1 mph. Our best fish came on Northland Fishing Tackle Butterfly Blades.
David Faller
Lakeside-marblehead, Ohio, United States
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