A great start to spring break!

March 13, 2015 by Michael S. Murray

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My trip yesterday was with my repeat customers from Michigan. They come to Tampa every year to enjoy fun in the sun, fishing with Reel Therapy Fishing Charters and…..oh yeah the Detroit Tiger’s!
Yesterday met them with light breezes and 85 degree temperatures. We started our day looking for redfish, after checking a few spots we changed gears and headed to secure dinner.
In less than an hour we landed six beautiful trout, two measuring over 23”. They decided to invite four trout home for dinner. We discussed our options and decided to make a move to some catch and release snook.
After a short boat ride we put the Power Poled down and sent out our first baits. It wasn’t long before we had our first hit, unfortunately this snook ran off over 25 yards of line and broke us off on a dock piling. For the better part of an hour we hooked and lost about ten snook that we could not slow down, each one of them either broke us off on a dock or wore through the leader after a long battle. We did get the best of about five snook, the biggest being around 30”.
With sore arms, snook thumb and big smiles we decided to call it a day.
These are the trips that make being a charter captain the most enjoyable job there is!
Until next year…......!

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