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Abundant Kings and Limits on Cobia

August 02, 2016 by Kristopher Kell

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The Catch
King Mackerel (Kingfish)
Snapper (Mangrove)

  Trips out to the local reefs/wrecks are still very productive but this week, the South East Hole has produced well without having to run so far. I’ve trolled ribbonfish but the only fish that has taken them are sharks. So, from Tuesday on, I used exclusively pogies and have scored well with smaller kingfish and even landed a beautiful sailfish on Thursday! Earlier in the week, we ventured off to MR and limited out on cobia while trolling and landed a nice 25lb kingfish, as well. Smiles all around. You can check out the pictures on my Facebook Page where I post on every charter.

  The inshore bite was not as hot for me this week and caught only smaller flounder, juvie reds, mangrove snapper, but a nice 26” red towards the jetties. The North side of St. John’s docks and rocks from the jetties to the BAE dry docks has been my target areas.

(TTPs - Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures)

  Bait was a bit spread out on some days this week and there was also the issue of netting the wrong size pogies as the larger ones work best for trolling. It may require some looking, but you’ll find them. When it is spread out, I break out the old 12ft Calusa and usually get what I need in one throw.

  For trolling, skirted baits continue to draw the best bites on the flatline and the downrigger with the sailfish choosing the flatline Thursday;) I’ve adjusted the downrigger depths from last week to about 20 & 35ft where I see the bait pods in the SE hole and the rig I’m using this week is a double-pogy rig tied with surfstrand 40lb test and it has been relentless on the fish. It basically represents a small school of bait in combination with the other baits, menhaden oil slick, and chum. The downside to it is that bait burn will be fast when the bite is hot. So, if you’re low on bait, it may be best to use single rigs.

Catch em’ up and stay safe!

Until next time…

Fair Winds & Following Seas,

Capt Kris Kell

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