BIG fish moving in closer!
November 02, 2022 Tairua 2 photos

Trip Summary

The day started with a productive morning catching livebaits with mackeral mostly and also some small trevally in the mix so then we proceeding to bridle one of each and send them back into the drink where we caught the livies hoping that there were some big kingfish hanging around the bait schools. It didn't take long before the mackeral on the starboard corner got nailed and line starting screaming off the reel! Being in shallow water with the kingfish trying its best to break us off on the rugged terrain below I had to maneuver the boat to keep a vertical line between the rod tip and the fish below but slowly but surely the girl on the rod did a great job of pumping and winding and eventually getting the huge kingfish to the side of the boat and with an almighty heave we pulled the estimated 25kg kingfish into the boat! With a quick photo we put it back to fight another day then went on to catch several more nice fish keeping a 12 kg one for a week's worth of fish dinners. With the boat ramp only 15 mins away we went back to Port with sore arms and smiles on our dials!!
Jason Harris
Tairua, New Zealand
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